US FDA proposes plan to ban Menthol Cigarettes, Cigars; The move to prevent Youth Initiation

It was a long-awaited ban proposal, and the US Food and Drug Administration now proposed a plan to ban menthol-flavored cigarettes. The move has been found as a milestone for the anti-smoking groups, but with a notion that there would be a big opposition from the leading tobacco companies, Al Jazeera reported.

The move is still in its proposal stage and is yet to be finalized. The Biden administration first proposed the ban in 2021. The proposal was submitted after a year of discussion in this matter. Some anti-smokers argued that the menthol content in cigarettes contributes to disproportionate health burdens on Black communities and play a role in luring young people into smoking. 

Why the ban is important

It is the minority communities in the US and parts of America who have been largely subdued by the major use of Menthol cigarettes. With the ban, it is believed that the above mentioned will come ower to a level. 

Another reason that CDC says is that the menthol in cigarettes is believed to make it easier to absorb harmful chemicals from cigarettes because menthol smoke is easier to inhale. In order to address the issue, the way is to just ban the use of such cigarettes, said the proposal. The US agency also stated that if cigarettes containing menthol are banned in the country, a 15 percent reduction in smoking could be witnessed in the coming year. 

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Moreover, Menthol cigarettes account for more than 30% of British American tobacco profits. However, cigarettes are already banned in some of the US states such as  California and Massachusetts and now there is a proposal to ban the menthol cigaresttes in rest of the states. “Today is a huge win for equity, justice, and public health concerns,” Derrick Johnson, president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, the largest US civil rights organization, said in a statement.