Very few recombinant variants of Covid-19 have been found in India: INSACOG study

The Indian SARS-COV-2 Genomics Consortia (INSACOG) in the latest study found that only a few recombinant variants of coronavirus have been discovered in India so far compared to that of it in other countries. Furthermore, those virus strains that are reported did not show any signs of further high transmission in infection or were not responsible for seriously affecting healthy patients, The Mint reported.

“So far, none showed either increased transmission or associated with severe disease or hospitalization. Incidences of suspected recombinants and the possible public health relevance are being closely monitored,” said INSACOG in its study report. 

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a recombinant variant is a variant created by the combination of genetic material from two different strains of a virus. So far in India, a total of 2,40,570 samples have been sequenced till now and all the samples which are being closely monitored showed less transmission possibility. 

The news that has been released now is a relief to the medical field amid the week’s Covid-19 infection decline. The number of new deaths also decreased as compared to the previous week, the INSACOG stated. 

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INSACOG said two recombinant variants of the virus -XD and XE are being closely monitored worldwide. “XD, which has an Omicron S gene incorporated into a Delta genome, is found primarily in France. XE on the other hand has a much higher transmission rate. Both the strain are under examination, the final report will be released after that,” said INSACOG.