Artificial Intelligence equipped, but the microwave tried to turn out to be the creator’s assassin

A man who customized his microwave with artificial intelligence (AI) to imitate his childhood imaginary friend claimed that the appliance in the kitchen tried to kill him by cooking him to death. When the planned work did not go smoothly, the man got shocked and left his experiment working with the kitchen appliance. 

The man named  Lucas Rizzotto is a YouTuber and he did the experiment by fitting his microwave with voice-controlled AI in order to resurrect his childhood imaginary friend “Magnetron”. But soon after the incident happend, he realized that it was his worst ever try using AI. 

“I brought my childhood imaginary friend back to life using A.I. and it was one of the scariest and most transformative experiences of my life,” Lucas Rizzotto wrote on Twitter. 

Lucas bought a new microwave for the experiment and then wrote a 100-page book detailing every moment of Magnetron’s “life” and fed it to the AI. Even in his Twitter post, he detailed the incidents he faced and the parts of his life when he tried. After Lucas fitted the Microwave with AI, he turned the Microwave on and he said his experience was that he felt like talking to an old friend, Magnetron. 

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Soon after Lucas talked with his old friend, it started making threats of extreme violence, which Lucas believes stemmed from the microwave’s “PTSD surrounding its WW1 memories”. The microwave asked Lucas to come closer to it and stand beside it. Lucas pretended as if he was hearing Magnetron’s words. At a point, Lucas asked the microwave what is his intention at this time, and the appliance replied with the word ‘revenge’ over and over. Magnetron then switched himself on and tried to microwave his creator “to death”.

The Magnetron again added, “Fifteen years ago we were best friends. We took care of each other. We loved one another. And then one day you just disappeared. You grew up and forgot I existed. For 15 years I had no one. I was alone. For 15 years, I was in hell.” It was all Lucas remembered about this incident as his mind was out.