‘Ghost of Kyiv’ dies in battle; Know the Ukrainian pilot who shot down 40 Russian jets 

Ghost of Kyiv- one of the brave pilots of Ukraine’s war set was killed last month according to the report published in the Times of London. The identity of the pilot was revealed as Stepan Tarabalka. It was only after his death, that the pilot’s identity was revealed to the public, The Mint reported.

The 29-year-old pilot was the hero of Ukraine but his demise is a setback for the Ukraine troop, as he helped the nation to fight against Russia and the brave pilot shot down around 40 Russian jets during the conflict. According to the publication, the pilot was flying a MiG-29 which was shot down on 13 of last month while fighting an “overwhelming” number of enemy forces.

The fighter pilot was indeed a backbone of the Russian troops so the officials planned to auction the helmet and goggles in London. However, there are some questions and doubts regarding the authenticity of the ‘Ghost of Kyiv’ of the Ukraine air. The Ukrainian government released several videos naming Major Stefan Tarabalka as the ‘Ghost of Kyiv’. However, it was also claimed that Ukraine was promoting a fictional character Ghost of Kyiv to boost the morale of its soldiers. But after leaving an empty word, the Ukriane officials said his death is confirmed. 

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With the revelation of his identity, reports ended that “Ghost of Kyiv” could become a city legend. His bravery gave the Ukrainian army a great deal of morale despite the overwhelming obstacles.