Trade linkages between India and Germany will be deepened: PM Modi 

As part of the three-day visit to Europe- Germany, France, and Denmark, PM Modi took his first round in Germany where he was greeted by the Indian diaspora in the country’s capital Berlin.  Modi met the new German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and discussed the new trade linkages between India and Germany. PM Modi during his address to Germany’s Indian diaspora said he is not at the capital city to talk about himself or Modi’s government. 

After his addressing ceremony to the Indian diaspora, Modi and Olaf signed a series of bilateral agreements Monday focused on sustainable development that will see the South Asian nation receive €10 billion in aid by 2030 to boost the use of clean energy. Modi said, “Trade linkages between India and Germany will be deepened, and this is the first step in regard to that.” 

“Met leading business leaders in Berlin and discussed ways to deepen trade linkages between India and Germany. I want to talk to you about the capabilities of crores of Indians and sing their praises. When I speak about crores of Indians, it includes not only the people who live there but also those who live here,” Modi said, as per ANI reports.

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Olaf Scholz on the other hand said that he and PM Modi agreed that “borders should not be changed through the use of violence and that the inviolability, as well as the sovereignty of nations, has to be universally accepted.” He added that he has invited Modi to the G-7 meeting which will be held in Germany in the last week of June.

Modi further detailed the importance to take a look into the matter of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. In his statement said, “there will be no winning party in this war, everyone will suffer”. Modi said this after understanding that India and Germany have been deeply affected by the war in different ways. 

 PM Modi, who has reached Berlin on May 2, now travels to Copenhagen where he will have a bilateral meeting with Denmark Prime Minister Frederiksen. After this, PM Modi will travel to Paris and hold talks with French President Emmanuel Macron, who was recently re-elected as French president, on May 4.