A special love story…Wedding video of Ukrainian nurse who lost her legs leaves netizens teary-eyed

Netizens say that when there is a war story, then there is a love story that makes everyone emotional.  One such story of a nurse and her husband in Ukraine is now scurrying over the internet for some days. A video of a nurse in Ukraine who has been dancing with her husband weeks after their wedding is now grabbing the attention of social media handlers after the woman in the video has lost her legs in a horrifying landmine blast.

The Ukraine nurse who lost her legs and four fingers in the war was held by her husband during their wedding dance. The wedding video that is now going viral over the internet has left users in tears.  The bride lost her legs and four fingers on her left hand after a mine exploded under her in the eastern city of Lysychansk, on March 27. The husband and wife have been identified as Victor and Oksana. 

The video began with the duo’s slow-motion dance moves, at that moment it is not directly visible that the woman has no legs. Like any other couple, the nurse and her husband were enjoying their post-wedding occasion.  As they move fully into the frame, it becomes suddenly clear that the husband is holding his wife up entirely, taking her as if she is in a cradle.

After the video went viral, everyone started searching to know the woman’s past and the reason for her lost legs. According to The Ukraine Parliament Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, when Victor and Oksana were coming back home, a Russian mine exploded. The man was not injured, but Oksana’s both legs were torn off by the explosion.

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After initial treatment at a local hospital, involving several surgeries, the wife Oksana was taken to the frontline city of Dnipro for more medical care that included preparation for prosthetics. “Life should not be postponed until later, decided Oksana and Victor, who in six years together never found time for marriage,” the hospital association said.

However, the couple, who already have two children, decided to untie their knot when they arrived in Lviv. Beautiful footage, now viral on social media, shows Victor Oxana embracing the newlyweds as they slowly wander around their hospital room.