H-1B Visa; US announces work permit extension by 18 months


The Biden administration has made an announcement in which it says certain categories of immigrants, including those seeking the Green Card and spouses of H-1B visa holders, would be permitted to use their expired work permits for an additional 18 months. The move will benefit 420 million US immigrants including Indians, Hindustan Times reported.

Of these immigrants, around 87,000 have expired work permits and expire within a month and will benefit immediately. Work permit valid for 180 days even after expiration 15 lakh work permit applications are pending. So it is indeed an important step by the Biden administration to take necessary actions to extend the work permits of the immigrants. The Green Card, officially known as the Permanent Residence Card, is a document that provides proof that immigrants have been granted permanent residency in the United States.

However, the move will come into effect on May 4, 2022, and will last up to 540 days from the expiration date of their EAD. It will be made happen by the department of homeland security. Upon this extension of work permit, USCIS director Ur M. Jaddou said,” As USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services) works to address the pending EAD caseloads, the agency has determined that the current 180-day automatic extension for employment authorization is currently insufficient. 

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According to the Department of Homeland security, the non-citizens with a pending renewal application still covered under the 180-day automatic extension will be granted an additional extension of up to 360 days, for a total of up to 540 days past the expiration of the current EAD.