He is the ‘Waterman’ of Jabalpur… Meet Shankarlal who provides drinking water for free to people

Giving water to a thirsty person is considered to be the greatest virtuous act in this world and people also come forward to do it. Here is a person in Jabalpur who has been continuously providing water to the people for the last 26 years. Amidst the scorching heat in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh’s Shanskarlal is roaming the streets to quench the thirst of passers-by and he is called ‘Waterman’ of Jabalpur. 

This series of this 68-year-old is not of today but 26 years old. Continuing his unwavering resolve, riding a bicycle, this elderly man himself feels relieved by serving drinking water to the common people. Of the streets. 

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The 68-year-old Shankarlal has been named ‘waterman’ of Jabalpur city by the city folks and he always likes to hear the word from the people he serves the water with. When the total amount of water he serves is considered, it mounts upto 400 litres per day. 

When asked about his wish to serve free drinking water for people that too atleast for 26 years, he said,””I’ve been doing this for the last 26 yrs. I carry 18 water storage bags along with water bottles. Each storage bag has about 5 liters of water. I refill them thrice a day,” he says. Shankarlal gets out of his home early morning, reaches the Narmada river, and fills his 18 bottles with a total of 400 liters of water. He said he is doing this public service just to get his mind relaxed and to get self-fulfillment.