‘He might be lazy to take it up’…Swiggy delivery man books Dunzo app to deliver food to customer

The lazy mind of a food delivery app- Swiggy driver is now a talking subject in Bengaluru as it warps the internet with hilarious comments upon a funny incident involved by him. A recent incident took place in Bengaluru when a customer ordered a coffee via Swiggy. As per the customer’s report, a Swiggy agent who was on duty to deliver the coffee did not deliver it rather he booked a Dunzo ride to deliver the customer’s food. It was said that the driver might have been ‘too lazy’ to deliver an order. 

When the customer(Omkar Joshi ) ordered a coffee online on Swiggy at a CCD outlet, was packed and ready to be delivered and the partner even picked it up. However, the delivery man did not deliver it by himself. Instead, he booked a person from a delivery app called Dunzo. He even called the customer and asked to give him a 5-star rating on Swiggy. 

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The customer himself posted it on his Twitter saying,” Peak Bengaluru. I ordered a coffee on Swiggy on CCD. The delivery guy picked it up. But was too lazy to come to deliver it here. So he Dunzo-ed it to me.” The customer further said that he got a call from the Swiggy man saying  ‘Bhaiya, maine Dunzo kar diya hai, please 5-star rating dena’ which translates, I have Dunzo-ed the order to you, please give a 5-star rating to Swiggy app. 

The post has also received tons of amusing comments. One user commented, “ sounds like something from an episode of Silicon Valley.” Another user commented, ”Hahahahaha!  Absolutely love Bengaluru, the full city is a joke.” Another defended the delivery guy, ”Instead of saying him lazy… Respect his professionalism, likely he paid more than what he can get through Swiggy. Some conditions with him didn’t allow to deliver.”