Centre asks SC of India to re-examine sedition law; Will reconsider Section 124A IPC, says Centre

The central government of India asks the Supreme Court of India to take a look at the provisions of the sedition law and the center said, it is thinking to reconsider section 124A IPC which criminalizes the offense of sedition. The dismissal of please please challenging the law has been considered and the decision by the center depends on the move. 

In an Affidavit, the Ministry of Home Affairs said this exercise can only be carried out before the competent forum and the center urged the top court which is hearing petitions challenging the constitutional validity of the provision to defer the same till the exercise is carried out. The affidavit was filed in a series of petitions filed by journalists, activists, NGOs and political leaders questioning the constitutional validity of the provision.

The SC received the Affidavit and in the affidavit, it is reported,” In the spirit of Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav and the vision of PM Narendra Modi, the Government of India has decided to re-examine and reconsider the provisions of Section 124A, Sedition law.”

There were reports that the law called sedition law was misused varied;y across the country, and in view of this, the center asked SC to intervene in the matter. The affidavit said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been cognisant of various views expressed on the subject and has also periodically, on various forums, expressed his unequivocal views in favour of protection of civil liberties, respect of human rights and giving meaning to constitutionally cherished freedoms by the people of the country.

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Recently, the government upheld the Penal Code for treason before the Supreme Court, and the 1962 Constitutional Bench’s ruling upholding the validity of the law was “long overdue, long overdue” and remained a test of time, requiring no mention. The big bench, in cases where it is abused, will not be a justification for its review.