The Philippines gets new President; All you need to know about Late dictator’s son Marcos Junior

The archipelagic country in Southeast Asia- The Philipines got its new president after an election held in the country on May 9. Ferdinand Marcos Junior nicknamed “Bong Bong”, is set to become President of the Philippines nearly four decades after his father was overthrown in a revolution. When Marcos Jr becomes the president, the daughter of outgoing President Rodrigo Duterte will become the new vice-president of the nation. 

There was a horrific history of human rights abuses and corruption for the Marcos family for some years. Despite the abuses, opinion polls predicted a win of Marcos Jr., who was also known as Bong Bong, would win the race. The family got their way to take over the country for a few more years from now. 

Ferdinand Marcos Jr

The son of late Philippines dictator Ferdinand Marcos commonly referred to as Bongbong Marcos who is now set to become the Philippines president, is a philipino politician who served as a senator from 2010 to 2016. When the country was running under martial law in 1980, then 23-year-old Marcos Junior, became vice governor of Ilocos Norte, a province of the Philipines. With the recent election, Bong Bong was able to bring his family back to the presidency 36 years after the “People Power” uprising ousted his father and deported him for millions of human rights abuses. 

During the election, Marcos Jr’s opposite contest was a liberal candidate Leni Robredo. With more than 60 percent of the country reporting, Marcos garnered more than 20 million votes, ahead of Liberal candidate Lenny Robredo’s 9.4 million. 

It was his decision to contest this year’s presidential election to rehabilitate the family’s lost dignity, and pride. In 2021, Marcos announced that he would run for president of the Philippines in the upcoming 2022 election. However, his campaign received criticism from observers and misinformed scholars who find that Marcos’ campaign is driven by historical negativity aimed at innovating the brand and discrediting his rivals.

Marcos Jr’s mother Imelda Marcos, on the other hand twice unsuccessfully attempted to retake the seat of power after returning with her children to the Philippines from exile in the United States, where her husband died in 1989. Married to a lawyer, with whom he has three sons, he has stayed away from controversies, including a past tax conviction and the Marcos family’s refusal to pay a huge estate tax.

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Marcos Jr, before announcing his intention to compete in the presidential election decided to rise to political influence, winning key leadership roles at the state level before entering national politics as a senator in 2010. Those efforts paid off, and on May 9, Marcos entered on a path to win the biggest margin of victory in a presidential race in the Philippines since Corazon Aquino was elected in the wake of the ouster of Marcos’ father.