83-year-old Assam woman declared Indian citizen after her son’s death by suicide over citizenship case

An 83-year-old woman from Assam’s Kachar district finally received her Indian citizenship after a year-long battle for the case. The woman who was questioned for citizenship 22 years ago was declared an Indian citizen by a foreign tribunal on May 11 after she was able to provide citizenship documents. 

Arjun Namasudra, Rani’s son of Akol Rani, committed suicide in 2012 after the Foreigners Tribunal declared him a foreigner despite the same documents provided to the tribunal on declaring his mother Akol Rani an Indian citizen. 

The time when he submitted the documents didn’t favor him and he opted for suicide. However, the case of his mother has now cleared its issues and declared her Indian citizenship. 

“ Arjun didn’t die for himself but for the rights of lakhs of people in detention camps. Arjun Namasudra has sacrificed his life for them,” the PM Modi in his prime ministerial campaign in the 2014 elections told.  After Modi’s speech in 2014, several leaders of the BJP and other parties assured that Arjun’s family would now be safe. After his death, the tribunal declared Arjun an ‘Indian’. But a decade after Arjun’s death, Akol Rani faced a similar blow. 

As per the records, Tribunals (IMDT) 1983 had registered a case against Akol Rani Namasudra in FT-2 of Silchar on 29/02/2000 under Illegal Migrant Determination. Again in 2011, she has been charged with the same illegal migrant case, but later none of the FTs issued notice against Akol Rani till February 23, 2022, as per officials of FT-4. the Foreigners Tribunal kept on asking the proof to show Indian citizenship of the woman. 

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However, when there conducted an official inquiry, reported that the woman’s name was included in the voters’ list for 1965, 1970, and all the subsequent years when elections took place in Assam. With this authenticated proof, the woman was able to prove she is a citizen of India. 

Moreover, besides Akol Rani and their children, her son Arjun’s mother-in-law Sabitri Biswas received a notice in 2017 from the Aliens Tribunal. The family is still battling the case.