Bizarre but stunning…UK man sells single Potato chip for 1.63 Lakh Rupees

Have you ever thought of news of potato pricing Rs.1.63 lakh!! If not, it’s real and an occurred incident in the UK. A UK-based man has put up his potato on sale on a one-of-its-kind Pringles chip for 2,000 Euros (1.63 lakhs) and the reason behind this is quite interesting. 

The man who decided to sell the potato chip is from Buckinghamshire, and he put the item on eBay for sale on May 3. With this, the single- potato has become an extremely expensive food item of this time. As per the report by NDTV, the Pringle potato chip offered for the sauce is sour cream and onion flavored chip. The seller says that the chip is “new, unused, unopened and undamaged”.

The seller showed the picture of the potato that the top edges folded perfectly to line up with the rest of the chip to create an interesting shape. This itself makes the chip stand part, said the seller. The seller then added that there is finance options for buying this product. As a result, any potential buyer can pay £95 every month for two years, taking the price of the chip to a massive £2,280. Many have reacted to the post of the auction by this UK seller. 

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Earlier, an alike-bizarre incident has also happend in McDonalds, when the chicken nugget was offered for sale for a whopping price of Rs. 73 lakhs. The nuggets were put on sale as the shape of the chicken nugget was quite unique and closely resembled a character from the popular game ‘Among Us’.