For the first time, scientists grow plants in moon soil in an attempt to make space agriculture 

Future Moon settlements are already on the way with several scientists conducting different experiments to make the lunar soil ready for missions. In an exciting effort, the scientists have now taken the soil to grow plants and researchers say it is the first-ever attempt to make the moon soil suit for agriculture, BBC reported.

This is the first-ever attempt in human history and a milestone in lunar and space exploration after more than 50 years of astronauts bringing the last moon-rock samples to Earth. In view of growing a plant, the researchers used small samples of dust collected to grow a small type of cress. Surprising them, the seeds germinated a few days later. 

Researchers planted seeds of a diminutive flowering weed called Arabidopsis thaliana in 12 small thimble-sized containers each bearing a gram of moon soil. “All the plants – whether in a lunar sample or in control – looked the same until about the sixth day.” Disagreements arose after this and plants growing in lunar soil began to show pressure, developed more slowly, and stunted growth- researchers explained.

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This movement comes when NASA planned to and humans on the moon for the first time since 1972 in a mission scheduled for 2025. “The research is crucial to NASA’s long-term human exploration mission, as future astronauts will need to use resources found on the Moon and Mars to develop the food resources needed to live and work in deep space,” NASA’s chief Bill Nelson said. 

Although there is a reported unhealthy growth of the plants in Moon, the scientists are not ready to withdraw. They are planning to grow more seeds  amid the planning of the human mission to Moon.