Extra-ordinary skill…’Can Head’ man makes money by sticking heavy objects to his body

From small Soda cans to big jars, a man named Jamie can literally pull objects into the body, and they do not even fall off. The outstanding ability of this man’s skin is now a point of discussion over the internet and he even makes money by sticking heavy objects to his body. With this different specialty of the skin of Jamie, he has been listed in the Guinness world records, DNA reported.

This superpower that the man holds lets him stick heavy objects to not just his face but also his body. Jamie takes no more effort to stick it up on the skin. All he has to do is place the object on his hands, feet, face, or body and it will stay there like a magnet. 

The reason for this phenomenon the man says is that his skin takes in much more oxygen which makes the objects stick wherever they are placed and compared to normal people, this is a special tendency of his skin to stick objects. 

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The man has been called ‘Can Head’ man since he identified his rare condition of sticking things to his body at the age of 7. However, his parents were not aware of this special condition of the body at that time. At first small cans were used for the experiments, later when he understood that he can stick much bigger ones, he went forward with heavy bottles on his face. Now, he can even hold a glass directly to his head and pour drinks into a glass.

Now the man makes money with his extraordinary skill. By sticking heavy objects to the body, he advertises several products and roaming around casually. People are now fascinated by his extraordinary ability and demand for his photographs of him.