First-of-its-kind…Domino’s allows customers to order pizza by reading their mind

It sounds interesting….and it is whimsical too…Dominos pizza app is now introducing a special mind reading app to order the toppings when in craving. The American multinational pizza restaurant chain has launched the strange mind ordering app that lets you choose your pizza based on facial expressions. 

When asked about the authenticity of the news of this bizarre app of Domino’s, Kate Trumbull- the Senior Vice President of Brand and Product Innovation responded in a positive way to the launching of mind-reading Domino’s app in a press release. He said Domino’s customers and ‘Stranger Things’ fans can now channel their inner Eleven by using telekinetic powers to order pizza with their mind.”

He further explained how the procedure for ordering the pizza works. Customers with a pizza profile and an existing saved easy order can choose toppings using facial recognition and eye-tracking technology, as well as can use their facial expressions and head movements while the display is being produced on the app. 

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Domino’s said it is now rolling out the new app, and those who wish to order pizza via the mind-reading app will be able to download the app via Store or Google Play.

Meanwhile, the news about the app is now taking internet buzz and many have commented on the post timeline on Domino’s official Twitter site. Hilariously one commented, ”What if I dream of pizza while sleeping and order it by accident?” and many have asked about how the facial expression would work while ordering the side dishes or dips for the ordering Pizza.