Pollution killed over 2.3 million people in India; India had world’s highest pollution-related deaths in 2019: Lancet study

A study conducted by the Lancet revealed that the pollution has killed over 2.3 million Indian people in 2019, where almost 1.6 million people died due to air pollution only. The latest report submitted by Lancet also blamed pollution for nine million premature deaths globally. 

According to reports, the modern type of pollutants have occurred and are mainly reported in areas of South Asia and East Asia, unfortunately, India falls on this list of most polluted countries. As per data, the pollution-related deaths have been mostly reported in low-income and middle-income households and it is calculated to be 90% of the entire population. The study showed that pollution such as water, lead, and occupation-related pollution was responsible for the rise in the death toll in the country. 

Moreover, the pollution has resulted in the economy of the country plunging. Pollution not only affects the life of people but also affects the livelihood of the people, affecting the farms, and agriculture, damaging the historical monuments and also affecting culture. The study says, between 2000 and 2019, the economic loss due to population in the country abounds to be 1% of the total GDP, and apart from this, the World Air Quality report marked India’s capital Delhi among the world’s most polluted city. 

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As per the report by the United Nations survey, 5 cities in India have been included in the list of noisiest cities all over the world. The report has been submitted by the UN after researching noise pollution in the cities.  United Nations (UN) titled Frontiers 2022 after studying the noise pollution in every city in India took the 5 top noisiest cities depending on major factors. 

In New Delhi, India, air pollution peaks in the winter months, and last year the city saw just two days when the air wasn’t considered polluted. It was the first time in four years that the city experienced a clean air day during the winter months. More than 480 million people in northern India face the most extreme cases of pollution. Not only air pollution, but water pollution and noise pollution contribute to deaths in India.

Moreover, as per reports, the US is the only fully industrialized country in the top 10 nations for total pollution deaths, ranking 7th with 142,883 deaths blamed on pollution in 2019, sandwiched between Bangladesh and Ethiopia. The world’s most populated country China reported almost 22 lakh deaths a year because of pollution.