Vismaya Dowry Death case; Court sentences 10-year imprisonment to Kiran Kumar

After hearing nearly 2-hour heated arguments on behalf of the prosecution and the convict, the Kollam Additional Sessions Court has pronounced that  Kiran Kumar who was found guilty in the sensational Vismaya case has been sentenced to 10-year- imprisonment. Kiran was found guilty of the death of his wife Vismaya over the suicide following dowry harassment under section 304b.

The court sentenced each section to 25 years in prison. However, the court ruled that they could be sentenced to 10 years in prison together. Kiran Kumar was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment under IPC 304 for dowry death, six years imprisonment under IPC 306 for incitement to suicide and a fine of Rs 2 lakh. A fine of over 12 lakhs has been pronounced by the court in view of the sections charged along with the 10-year imprisonment to Kiran Kumar.

The Defense lawyer requested the court to exempt him from the maximum punishment as he was the sole dependent of his elderly parents. Kiran’s lawyers requested the court avoid giving him a life sentence considering his age. However, the court pronounced the verdict and ordered a 10-year imprisonment.

The prosecution on the other hand had sought maximum punishment of life improsonement on this state-shocked dowry death case. The special prosecutor said, “This is a verdict against a social evil and not just against one person.” There was a surety that the court would pronounce a minimum of 7 years in prison for Kiran Kumar as the punishment of dowry death under section 304B of IPC is a minimum of 7 years in jail. The maximum punishment for the dowry case is life imprisonment. 

On May 23, IG Harshitha Attaluri, who was overseeing the probe in the case, also welcomed the verdict and made her statement that the court should take a strong decision on this matter as it should be an example to the entire society itself. Meanwhile, Vismaya’s mother is not happy with the verdict and says that she would approach the court above Kollam Additional sessions court as she predicted life imprisonment for Kiran Kumar. 

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On May 23, the Kollam Additional Sessions Court has made has found Kiran Kumar guilty on the death of his wife Vismaya. Kiran Kumar has been found guilty on charges of dowry death (304b) 498 a (husband subjecting to cruelty) 306 (abetment to suicide ), and section 3 and 4 of the dowry prohibition act. 

The death of the medical student of Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicines has sparked outrage over the rise in dowry deaths in the state and cases regarding the same have been coming over the days. The 24-year-old Visamaya was found hanging in the bathroom of Kiran Kumar’s house at Sasthamkotta in the Kollam district. 

The family of Vismaya had ledged that the husband tortured her over the matter of dowry and her death was reported on June 2021. Following developments surrounding the death, the state govt removed him from his job at its Motor Vehicle department.  According to the prosecution, Kiran used to argue with Vismaya demanding more dowry as he was a government employee.