At least 21 killed in the deadliest shooting at Texas Elementary school; Worst school shooting in nearly a decade

Atleast 21 people were killed in the deadliest gun shooting that occured in at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, roughly 80 miles west of San Antonio, CNN reported. The incident which took place in the US state was the scariest and most deadly shooting that occured recently. The dead included 10 children and 2 adults.

The gunman who opened the fire on his grandmother before the killing of these school children has been identified as  Salvador Ramos. He is also found dead after the killings of 21. Investigators say the suspect was armed with a handgun, an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, and high-capacity magazines.

It was in 2012, that the country faced the deadliest massacre in a school. It was the Sandy Hook massacre in Connecticut that left 26 people dead, including 20 children between 6 and 7 years old. The Texas elementary school shooting is the recent shocking school shooting after 2012. 

As per police reports, the shooting might have begun at 11:32 on May 24 American Time. The teenager is suspected of shooting his grandmother at the start of the rampage. Local media report he may have been a high school student in the area. According to the Texas governor, the culprit abandoned a vehicle before entering the school to horrifically open fire.

Moreover, University Hospital in San Antonio said on Twitter that it had received four patients from the shooting in Uvalde, of which a 66-year-old woman and a 10-year-old girl are listed in critical condition. The White House ordered flags to be flown at half-staff in mourning for the victims whose deaths sent a wave of shock through a country still scarred by the horror of Sandy Hook.

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In the immediate aftermath of the attack, Robb Elementary, which teaches more than 500, mostly Hispanic and economically disadvantaged students called on parents not to rush in to get their children. US President Joe Biden has deeply condemned the incident that he said, shouldn’t have happened. 

“It’s time to turn this pain into action for every parent, for every citizen of this country,” Biden said, his voice heavy with emotion. “It’s time for those who obstruct or delay or block commonsense gun laws, we need to let you know that we will not forget,” he said.