‘There Is Life Beyond’, says Noujisha – Once a victim of domestic abuse, now Kerala’s civil police officer

‘A divorced daughter is better than a dead daughter’…This slogan appears on our Facebook news feed every time a married woman, putting end to her abusive relationship, commits suicide. But are we practicing what we preach ? Does this society welcome our daughters from a failed marriage ? No. Vismaya, Moofiya, Shahana…this list says everything…they all were the victims of domestic abuse, who ended their lives. Women are injected with a toxic idea that a failed marriage is the end of one’s life. But there is a life beyond, says women civil police officer Noujisha to twentyfournews.com. She was once a victim of domestic abuse. She bounced back from her failed marriage and is a living example of how woman should turn their bruises to their strength.

The failed Marriage

Noujisha got married in 2013. During the initial days itself, she sensed something wrong. She caught her husband’s (now ex- husband) extra marital affair red handed. She never knew that it will be the beginning of an unending misery. Noujisha had to undergo brutal physical harassments from her husband. The thrashing sound and Noujisha’s cries echoed inside the four walls. Her husband’s, family was a mute spectator to this daily inhuman activities. They have tried to involve Muslim spiritual leaders to put an end to this abuse, but all went futile. Not wanting to make her parents sad, Noujisha never informed her parents about her miserable life.

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On May 10, 2016 unable to endure more, she fled to her neighbor’s home with bruises all over her body, wearing the nighty torn by her husband. Her neighbor helped her escape to one of their relatives. From there, her parents along with the other family members took her home. There were times Noujisha had thought about committing suicide. But now, it’s all a bad dream she doesn’t like to remember about. She narrated these unfortunate events to twentyfournews.com, only to remind women, who are going through the similar situation, that there is life beyond…

Like a Phoenix..

Noujisha was welcomed back to her home whole heartedly. Her father Abdullah, mother Fatima and Sister Nouf all stood right with her. To get over the trauma inflicted by her husband, she diverted herself into studies. Noujisha post graduate in computer applications focused on PSC exams. She joined a PSC coaching center in her hometown. The training center management, who knew her pathetic plight, gave her free coaching. She began attempting various exams. But for one reason or other she couldn’t crack it. At last, she cracked the police exam.

She was trained for police physical tests by her friends. She was never into sports even in her school days. But she was determined to be a police officer now. Hence, she put both her body and mind in it. During the initial training days, Noujisha was just able to complete one or two rounds. As the days passed, the number increased. She effortlessly completed 10+ rounds. Became an expert in High jump and low jump. Her efforts didn’t go in vein. She cracked the exams and physical test and wore the Khaki uniform, she always dreamt about.

She was one among the 446 police officers of the passing out parade, held at Thrissur Ramavarmapuram police academy parade ground on Sunday. Noujisha will go to Thiruvananthapuram on Saturday. She will serve as a police officer there, head held-high.