Breathtaking video…Man walking on plane wing overlooking a cliff in Bali makes internet impress

A stunningly beautiful video of a man walking on one of the wings of an airplane is now going viral over social media. The going viral clip shows a photographer from the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia, walking on the wing of a plane atop a hill. Indeed, the magnificent views of the top cliff on the beachside are the attraction that took the internet to follow the Instagram page. 

In the video posted by Earthpix and according to the caption on the Instagram page,  the plane that is placed on the top of a hill will be converted into a tourist attraction for more people to come and visit. The video will take the breaths of many people standstill atleast for a moment, especially those who have acrophobia.

The video has been captioned saying, “@koming.darmawan exploring this retired Boeing aircraft that’s been placed on a seaside cliff. It’s to be turned into a tourist accommodation near Nyang-Nyang beach in Uluwatu Badung Regency.” Uluwatu is located in South Western Bali and it is extremely picturesque with rolling green hills accompanied by sandy white beaches.

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So far, the clip garnered 11.3 million views after being shared online. The majority of netizens were not really impressed and called it a dose of anxiety. “My heart just dropped,” said one user, while another posted: “My knees went weak watching him go to the end!” “This gave me anxiety,” commented yet another user.