Khabar Lahariya- India’s first all-women newsroom blooms with a media revolution

An organization represented fully by women is becoming common as many have been into entrepreneurship now, but women running a news channel with all its members as passionate women journalists alone, especially from the rural area has been getting attention all around. 

The organization named Kabar Lahariya or waves of news is an all-women newsroom in northern India. Khabar Lahariya is the first and only newsroom in India run entirely by women from marginalized backgrounds. Its co-founder, Kavita Bundelkhandi, learned to write when she was 12. Many of her staff are from marginalized backgrounds and include survivors of domestic abuse and violence. Her team has faced discrimination and death threats, but has gone on to produce award-winning stories about illegal mining, jungle bandits, and the daily lives of rural communities.

“We are the first feminist media organization in the country. We work to bring out facts and get justice for the ones who seek it, especially those from rural areas,” said Kavita Bundelkhand. The life of each of the employees in the organization has changed since they joined the media firm. The women who represent the organization collect and do all the production work of the media organization.

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Childhood friends Bundelkhandi and Meera Devi are two Dalit women defying the caste hierarchy to run Khabar Lahariya, India’s first and only all-female newsroom. The team is mostly women from marginalized backgrounds, they have faced discrimination and even death threats. Despite the big threats, they have gone on to produce award-winning stories about illegal mining, jungle bandits, and the lives of the communities living in rural areas. 

A man’s domain, journalism has been taken in hand by these strong women and they dig into backward classes and have made in-depth stories about people under the poverty line. The organization has started its journey with a single-sheet newspaper in th economically deprived region of Bundelkhand. 

People began to notice the in-depth stories done by the women’s group which has created a splash in many people’s lives. Things also changed when people started seeing the results from reading the newspaper like roads getting mended and water coming. Gradually the residents of the region started recognizing the lady powers behind the social works. 

At present, the media Khabar Lahriya is fully digital achieving a half-million youtube subscribers. Moreover, their struggle story is the subject of an award-winning documentary of the previous year.