Rare achievement for Canadian Malayalee; Dr.Aishwarya Madhu prepares for her second phase cardiac surgery training at Harvard University

It was not a normal day for Canadian malayalees as the day marked the achievement of a doctor getting selected to the second phase of Cardiac surgery at Harvard University. Even Indian can be proud on this young doctor’s achievement. Malayalee Dr. Aishwarya Madhu from Calgary, Canada is preparing for the second phase of his cardiac surgery training at the prestigious Harvard University in the USA.  Through systematic activities, Dr. Aishwarya is the pride of the Canadian Malayalees for this rare achievement, Times reported.

Aishwarya  Madhu, who is currently working at Hamilton General Hospital in Ontario will start her training at the Harvard University campus in Boston next June.  Aishwarya is the daughter of Madhu Menon and Leena Madhu, both permanent residents of Calgary, Canada. “Focusing on cardiac surgery was a childhood dream,” says Aishwarya Madhu. “Bringing critically ill patients back to life is a matter of great joy to the mind. Everyone is scared when they hear about surgery. It is important to give them courage and get rid of the disease,” she added.

“It needs 99 percent hard work and one percent luck to become a doctor. It takes a lot of hard work to walk toward the goal of becoming a better doctor and there are no shortcuts at any cost.  Parents have played a major role in bringing her to this level,” said the surgeon. Aishwarya said that she was able to prove her ability in this field because of their support and sacrifice. Apart from being a cardiac surgeon, she is also a performer of drums.

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Aishwarya finds time to play drums and learn more despite her busy schedule. The doctor also is also a charcoal painter. Many have come forward to congratulate Aishwarya for her rare achievement to become a Cardiac surgeon. Her social media accounts have been filled with comments and wishes. One of the wishes read, “It is a well-deserving achievement, your hard work and instant research paved the way to be a cardiac surgeon at the world’s most prestigious university.