India witnesses the first ‘Sologamy’ wedding with full rituals; What is Sologamy, why it sparked debates, explained

India witnessed the first ‘Sologamy’ as Gujarat woman Kshama Bindu married herself, with all the wedding rituals of ‘Mehendi’ and ‘Haldi’.  Kshama Bindu, the 24-year-old woman from Vadodara, has finally married herself before the scheduled date to avoid further controversy after a BJP leader opposed her wedding and said she wouldn’t be allowed to marry in a temple.

The planned date to conduct the wedding was on June 11, however, fearing any debates and controversy, the woman pre-ponded her wedding to June 9. After the wedding, she thanked everyone in a video message and said she was grateful for the support and encouragement. “I would like to thank everyone who has messaged me and congratulated me and gave me the power to fight for what I believed in,” she said on Facebook. Ms. Bindu- the bride has done the customary seven rounds around the sacred fire and completely all the rituals during the ceremony at her home. 

Ms. Bindu’s ceremony didn’t have a priest either and entailed digitalized rituals that were conducted at her home in Gotri. As per a report by NDTV,  Ms. Bindu’s friends and well-wishers showered flowers and promised to always support her in her upcoming life. 

The woman is a sociology student and a blogger, who works for a private firm. “Self-marriage is a commitment to being there for yourself, to choosing the livelihood and lifestyle that will help you grow and blossom into the most alive, beautiful, and deeply happy person you can be,” said Ms.Bindu. As reported earlier, the bride in addition to wedding rituals has also written five vows to herself. After her wedding ceremony, Ms. Bindu will also be heading for a two-week honeymoon in Goa.

What is Sologamy?

Sologamy is a wedding ceremony where people marry themselves and over the past few years, it has been a growing trend in the West. It has now reached Indian shores. In India, the word Sologamy has created debates and talks, where many BJP leaders called such marriages were against Hinduism and said Kshama wouldn’t be allowed to marry in a temple. 

The idea of “marrying” oneself first made news nearly 20 years ago when Carrie Bradshaw, a character in the hugely popular American series Sex and the City, raised it. But the show was a comedy-drama. Since then, reports say there have been hundreds of such ‘marriages’  mostly by single women. Most women in their ‘Sologamy’ wedding were seen dressed up as angels, carrying a bouquet, sometimes with families and friends cheering them on. In a rare case, a 33-year-old Brazilian model was also seen divorcing herself three months after her wedding. 

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As it is the first Sologamy in India, news of Ms. Bindu’s nuptials has become a talking point. “Everyone loves themselves. You do not have to break it or create an external copy to express love to yourself. That is inherent in all of us. Marriage is about the union of two beings,  said Dr Savita Malhotra, former dean and professor of psychiatry at PGIMER hospital in the city of Chandigarh.

A woman on Twitter wondered what the need for marriage was as if no one else was involved. Another said Bindu was trying to evade family responsibilities. However, amidst the opposite thoughts, many on social media have come forward to applaud the Indian woman and the internet said she would be an inspiration to many.