World’s highest post office in Himachal Pradesh gets new letterbox-shaped office

The world’s biggest post office which is situated in village Hikkim in Himachal Pradesh’s Spiti valley has been renovated with a letterbox-shaped building. The Post office which is located at 14,567 feet above sea level began its operations in Hikkim village in 1983. The post office got a letterbox-shaped office to attract tourists, and hereafter the location will in fact be a tourist destination, said officials. 

The small post office is in an old mansion that is visited by thousands of tourists every year. Some selfie points have been developed outside the office for the tourists and it will be continued- the officials informed. The inauguration of the post office was done recently and was inaugurated by Vandita Kaul, Chief Post Master General, Himachal Circle, Indian Postal Department, while Assistant Deputy Commissioner Abhishek Verma was the guest of honor. 

As per reports, the department is constructing a new post office which looks like a big letterbox. The tourists will get the opportunity to buy and post the postcards through the new office very soon. 

“There is no post office in the country like the one here. It is the center of attraction in itself and is the world’s highest post office. Tourists from around the world send letters to their near and dear ones from the Hikkimi Post Office,” said Vandita Kaul after the inauguration. 

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the post office located at India’s highest altitude is one of the specialties of this biggest post office. The post office connects small villages in this isolated region to the rest of the world. It receives and sends postal letters. It also acts as a savings bank where villagers can deposit money in their savings accounts or withdraw money. Intrepid travellers make it this far to Hikkim village to take pride in mailing their letters from the highest post office on Earth. The postal Index Number or PIN of the village is 172114.