Amazon is working to make Alexa mimic on anyone’s voice

Amazon is working on a creepy feature that will enable Alexa to speak in any perons’s voice you like to hear. The company is developing a system to make Alexa mimic any sound after hearing less than a minute of audio, Reuters reported. The details were made public by Amazon’s Rohit Prasad at a conference in Las Vegas on June 22. However, this move has been slammed by the netizens. 

At Amazon’s re:MARS conference they announced they’re working to use short audio clips of a person’s voice & reprogram it for longer speech. “The goal is for many of us to retain memories of the loved one we lost during the pandemic time,” said Amazon senior vice president Rohit Prasad on Alexa voice mimic.

With the upcoming feature, users will be able to give Alexa any voice they want. Be it of their favourite characters or celebrities, or someone in their family, like a later grandmother. Amazon even displayed a demonstrating video of how the voice mimic work with new technology. 

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However, there are many concerns. That if not it has not used in a proper way, there are chances for many people to take advantage of it. It could be used for deepfake clips, especially with politicians. It may also be used by hackers to blackmail users. Some of the netizens reacted negatively to the decision, and one of them said ,”deepfakes would increase the mistrust, alienation, & epistemic crisis.” 

Earlier Amazon announced its first fully-autonomous robot named Proteus and the latest announcement by the company comes after the decision. As of now, Amazon has not made final word when this feature will be rolled out.