Pakistan paper association says ‘no books’ in new academic year due to worsening paper crisis

Amid the worsening paper crisis, the Pakistan paper association has decided to reduce the use of books in the new academic session in the country. The paper industry association has warned of an impending acute shortage of paper. Therefore, this year, starting from August, the students are going to face disruptions in their academic sessions, India Today reported.

While the paper crisis is caused by global inflation, the current paper crisis in Pakistan is not just due to inflation but is due to the wrong policies of governments and the monopoly of the local paper industry. A press conference has been conducted in which the All Pakistan Paper Merchant Association, Pakistan Association of Printing Graphic Art Industry (PAPGAI), and other organizations associated with the paper industry, along with the country’s leading economist Dr. Qaiser Bengali addressed the conference. 

During the press conference, the paper association warned that because of the paper crisis in the country, books will not be available to students. As the crisis hit the country worse, the prices of papers skyrocketed and publishers are not able to determine the price of books, a local media outlet reported.  “Due to this, textbook boards of Sindh, Punjab, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa will not be able to print textbooks,” it reported. 

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“The current paper crisis has affected the printing and packaging industries to collapse,” said  Publishers and Booksellers Association of Pakistan Chairman Aziz Khalid. He clarified that imported paper could not be used in textbooks by publishers due to high taxes. Following this, local publishers stopped buying textbooks.