Small acts of kindness also matter…Security official stops traffic to help duck and babies cross the street: Viral video

A heart-warming video of security personnel stopping the traffic to escort a mother duck and her babies to cross the street now takes rounds over social media. The video, which was Shared on Twitter by Buitengebieden, shows two security officials carefully clearing the route for a mother duck and her babies. When the security personnel noticed the cute mother duck and the adorable babies walking in a straight line, he halted the movement of the people on the road and guided the duck. 

The incident took pplace in Paris street. Buses, bikes, and bicycles can be waiting in the middle of the road to let the ducks pass. The officials escorted them across the road and ensured no vehicle came in their way. The video clip has garnered over 3 million views on Twitter. The cute family can be seen waddling toward the road without having any fear of humans. Also, following behind their mother, the little ducks also made it safely across the street with the help of the traffic security.

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After watching the video, many pointed out how such sweet videos are enough to brighten up one’s day. Those who watched the video couldn’t take back their eyes from it and some of them even watched it in a loop. 

“Oh, my heart!” gushed a Twitter. “A small of kindness means a lot in life,” another user noted. “How thoughtful the security official is..,” another commented. So far the video received over 2.3 million views and tons of reactions.