Diaper changing facility in Men’s washroom at Bengaluru Airport; Internet applauds 

The Bengaluru airport has taken a wise decision by implementing a diaper-changing facility in the men’s washroom. The important step taken by the Karnataka govt has been applauded by the netizens and welcomed with open arms. Ali Samhaan, a passenger from the Maldives, spotted the station at the Bengaluru airport and tweeted about it, much to the elation of the internet. “Saw this in Bangalore International airport men’s room,” Ali Samhaan noted on Twitter, India Today reported.

The facility of having a diaper changing room or breastfeeding room in airport washroom and railway station was only attached to the women’s bathrooms as only mothers are expected to change the baby’s diaper. However, the decision to change the followed routine was taken by the airport authority in Bengaluru to combat a dad’s struggle during travel. The facility was spotted in the Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru. 

Many have reacted positively to the Twitter post. “Childcare is not just a woman’s responsibility,” one user commented. “Superb! Great for all dads n single dads,” another commented. “This is great to see, so many places have it only in the women’s washroom. It should either be in a place where it is accessible to both, ie. outside gender-specific washrooms, or in both,” a third user commented. 

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Meanwhile, the handle of the airport reshared a tweet by a user and wrote, “Thank you for your appreciation. The diaper change station has been a feature of our washrooms – irrespective of gender – at the #BLRAirport. They are well-equipped and enable a parent to change a baby in privacy and comfort. #Bengaluru #babycare #airport.”