Dog searches for family lost in Afghanistan quake; Viral photo leaves netizens teary-eyed

The bond between owner and pet is like no other—they’re our companions, always along for the ride no matter what ups and downs life brings. Especially the case of a dog and its owner never gets apart if they build a strong bond in their journey and when the two are separated, then sometimes the dog will come back looking for its old owner. Exemplifying the same, a scene was visible from Afghanistan. 

The internet now takes a look at a viral photo from Afghanistan’s earthquake-hit area. In the viral photo, a dog can be seen keep coming back to the destroyed house of his owners and wails. The dog repeatedly visits his departed owner’s house to see them, but the dog doesn’t understand all are dead. The house has completely collapsed too.

The photo was posted by a Twitter user Samira SR has shared a story that will bring our eyes tears. She says,” Every person in the house this dog belongs to was killed in the earthquake. Neighbors said they took him with them to feed/take care of. He keeps coming back to the destroyed house and wails. Ochki village in Gayan, Paktika.” Samira SR, an advocacy and communications professional working with the International Rescue Committee explained that every day the dog returned to the site of the destroyed home and cried as he looked for his family members. 

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The photo has garnered hundreds of likes and reactions. The Twitter account of the user has been filled with comments with sentiments. “Nobody can feel the pain which the little dog is suffering in his heart and brain…Applauds to the neighbors for adopting him,” one user commented.” He’ll forget the tragedy soon and hope he lives happily with the neighbors who are now looking after him,” another commented.

Meanwhile, a magnitude 6.1 earthquake shook eastern Afghanistan last week, killing at least 1,000 people and injuring 1,500 others. The epicenter was reported 44 kilometers south of Khost, Pakistan, and India. It was the largest earthquake in the country in two decades.