China restarts air travel after 2-year Covid ban; Services to India remain uncertain

China, the country which battled with Covid-19 for the past few months now eased air travel restrictions. After a two-year ban due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the country has started permitting international flights to fly across countries, but there is uncertainty about flight operations to India. 

Although Beijing lifted a visa ban for Indian professionals and their families last month, the details regarding air travel to India are still in limbo. According to official reports, China is further streamlining procedures for those arriving in the country after reducing the quarantine time to 7 days in designated hotels followed by 3-day isolation at home from the previous 2-day isolation for inbound travelers. 

After the country decided to open up air travel, there witnessed an increase in flights connecting China with other countries, especially the US. It is a sign of China further re-opening its borders to the world, reported the state-run global Times. Earlier it said that there are no regular routes between China and India since November 2020 and no flights between the two countries have been notified so far. However, the capital city of the country lifted a two-year visa ban for Indian professionals and their families working in various Chinese cities who are stuck back home for over two years. 

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China has permitted limited flight services to several countries in the neighbourhood, including Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Nepal. Meanwhile, China is also processing the list of hundreds of Indian students wanting to return to the country to re-join their colleges. 

On the other hand, Indian professionals and their families who have received Chinese visas to return to India complain that they cannot go to China due to a lack of flights. They say that traveling through third countries is very expensive and difficult.