UK govt political crisis; Boris Johnson under pressure to resign as PM amid mass resignations

Boris Johnson’s government, which managed to survive the Covid-19 pandemic and the political crisis created by Brexit, is now sweating on the resignation of two ministers. Boris Johnson is serving as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party since 2019, but for more than a year, there has been a buzz that Johnson may be out of office at any time, and every day was like his last day. 

The news that came out the previous day made said that 2 ministers of the Boris Johnson government have decided to resign from the Boris cabinet in protest of Johnson’s leadership.  Indian-born Finance Minister Rishi Sunak and Health Minister Sajid Javid have resigned from the British Cabinet. The ministers who resigned raised harsh criticisms about the image of the government. The 42-year-old British Indian minister posted his resignation letter on Twitter soon after another senior Cabinet colleague, UK Health Secretary Sajid Javid, resigned. 

Following this, a few other ministers have also put in their papers in protest against the PM and more than 31 ministers joined the queue of resignation. All they want Boris Johnson to follow suit and quit. Despite many previously-loyal supporters – including Priti Patel and Grant Shapps calling for Johnson to step down, Johnson is fighting to stay in the position and does not want to give up. “The government will continue to go forward, there is no intention to for a walk out, and I will not step down as PM,” the furious Boris Johnson said.  

The resignations of the cabinet ministers came on the heels of chief whip Chris Pincher’s scandal. He was a lawmaker accused of sexual misconduct. Johson knew about the whips’ behavior and he even joked and said Chris’s character is his nature. So it became problematic when Johnson backed a man despite his nature. The deputy chief whip stepped down on 30 July after allegations that he groped two male colleagues at a London club in an inebriated state. Over the weekend, other sexual harassment allegations against Pincher emerged.

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On the other hand, two Johnson loyalists — Nadine Dorries and Jacob Rees-Mogg — in the cabinet declared their immovable support as they also entered 10 Downing Street, and the crisis meeting was still continuing more than two hours later. “The 58-year-old leader’s grip on power has been slipping since July 5. We could no longer tolerate the culture of scandal that has dogged Johnson for months, including lockdown lawbreaking in Downing Street, “ the two supporters of Johnson said. 

Allegations of an extravagant Downing Street redecoration harmed Johnson. 

Mr Johnson – who is facing the most serious leadership crisis of his premiership – now has around 20 ministerial posts it needs to fill after an unprecedented number of resignations. Moreover, there are speculations that Boris Johnson’s government will be out soon not only due to Chris Pincher’s scandal but also due to the bizarre leadership that the country witnessed last few years. 

However, the country is now looking at the current PM and his resignation, Many say that the resignation of these ministers in the British cabinet is likely to mark the beginning of the end of Boris Johnson’s premiership.