Uber drivers will no longer be able to cancel users’ trips after knowing the destination; Here’s the reason

We often get annoyed when uber drivers refuse to drop us off after knowing our destination. Sometimes they cite useless reasons for the refusal of the trip. It’s not nice when we are late for work, but your Uber driver doesn’t want to drive you to your destination after making you wait. However, to put an end to these types of woes in our daily life, Uber has announced an update that will restrict uber drivers from canceling our trips after asking for their destination. 

Uber announced that drivers will be able to see a passenger’s destination before accepting a ride. The ride-hailing giant decided to roll out the update after reviewing the feedback received from drivers.  

Uber officials in their statement said, “To enhance transparency and remove frustration for riders and drivers, drivers on the Uber platform across India will now be able to see the trip destination before they decide to accept the ride. Encouraged by a drop in the number of trip cancellations after the pilot launch in May 2022, Uber decided to do away with the trip acceptance limit and rolled out the unconditional feature to all cities. Uber will continue to monitor feedback from drivers and riders and make changes if necessary.”

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On the other hand, Uber has announced a 15 percent wage increase to help drivers cope with rising fuel prices. The company has also started compensating drivers for traveling long distances to pick up riders. The payment frequency has also been changed to all weekdays for drivers to receive online payment transfers. The mode of payment option has also changed recently by Uber officials. Hereafter, once the drivers accept the ride, they will know whether they want to pay in cash or pay online.