Plain Dosa- ‘Naked Crepe’; US restaurant’s South Indian menu card leaves netizens shocked 

Indians always like to keep our traditional dishes high in every sphere of the world. Whenever an Indian, especially a South Indian goes out of his native land, he searches for an incredible breakfast feast like Dosa, Vada, Idli, Uthappam, etc. in any corner of the world. However, what if he discovers that traditional dishes served in restaurants have been rebranded with a modern twist? That’s what happened at a restaurant in the US. 

The menu of a US-based Indian restaurant, Indian Crepe Co, is now going viral over social media. You will be shocked by the names used in the menu to describe the main dishes like dosa and vada. The restaurant has named our dosas, and idlis in a different way like Americans name their dishes. As per a Twitter post, ‘plain dosa’ has been named ‘Naked Crepe’, while our favorite Uthappam has been named ‘ Classic Lentil Pancake’. Meanwhile, Dosa’s spice-laden counterpart i.e Masala Dosa is called ‘Smashed Potato Crepe’. 

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Vada and rasam were described as ‘Dunked Donut Delight’, whereas the delicious Sambar Idli has been rechristened ‘Dunked Rice Cake Delight’. Ever after posting this screenshot by the Twitter user Inika, netizens were shocked to see it, some even flew into a rage. “The real crime here is charging $16.49 for a sambhar vada” one of the netizens was quoted as saying. Meanwhile, another remarked, “My Indian soul leaving out of my body as I type this out.”

“ Iam in pain,” “This is illegal,” “I will not eat idli vada anymore from the US,” these types of comments were flowing under the post of Inika. “My Indian soul leaving out of my body as I type this out,” one user hilariously commented.