A succoring for menstrual hygiene in Uganda; AVA Group comes up with an offer of Rs 80,000

As part of spreading awareness to society about menstruation-related challenges and to support the cause of menstrual hygiene among the women of Uganda, AVA Group has come forward with a helping hand offering around Rs 80,000( USD 1,000). AVA Group MD, Mr.A V Anoop has offered the amount to ‘Spirit of Hope for Women Africa’ founded by Racheal Nalubulwa to purchase cutting equipment & cutting tables to facilitate the making of reusable sanitary napkins for women of Africa. 

This donation is in memory of recently demised M K Soubhagyam, co-founder of Medimix who was also the mother-in-law of A V Anoop. Dr.Bindu Sivasankaran Nair’s (Head of HR Department, Insight Media City, and founder of Women Intense NFT) intervention helped this Uganda-based organization to be the beneficiary of this good gesture. 

According to statistics, 28% of girls do not go to school during menstruation as they are denied proper menstruation hygiene facilities. Girls being in schools is important for their social and economic progress. No nation can develop without women’s contribution, as they almost constitute 50% of the population.

Racheal who was a victim of this misery was determined to make a difference which led to her founding Spirit of Hope for Women Africa. Her social impact organization works on menstrual hygiene awareness and also supplies reusable sanitary napkins to women and girls. This also provides employment opportunities to a handful of women. Currently operating as a small unit, Rachel has the dream to expand her organization’s work to many more African countries in order to help more and more women and girls.

Dr.Bindu who founded ‘Women Intense NFT’ (WIN), which has focused on sustainable livelihood and STEM education for girls, hosts a Twitter Space named ‘Women Fast Forward’ on Mondays and on Fridays at 9 pm IST, along with a couple of likeminded people from across the globe including Sana Khan who is a profound artist.  The space discusses critical matters related to inclusion & diversity along with NFT projects. A few hundred people attend this space regularly and Rachael’s story was told by her in this space. This moving story was brought to the attention of AV Anoop who readily agreed to support this cause beyond geographical boundaries as he also found Rachael’s cause impactful. Mr.Anoop’s support will help the organization do the fabric cutting & shaping work with ease which in turn will amplify the production. Further, this equipment also ensures safety while cutting.

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Rachael’s story is very inspiring. We need more people like her to make the world a better place. And a gesture such as that of Anoop is an example of how business leaders should be committed to social causes and impact initiatives.