UK becomes the first country to approve Omicron vaccine shot

In a mission to tackle both the Covid-19 original virus and its Omicron variant, the UK has approved a dual vaccine and becomes the first nation to approve such a vaccine.  As per a Reuters report, the UK medicine regulator (MHRA) approved the ‘bivalent’ vaccine made by Moderna as a booster for adults. 

Moderna’s so-called “bivalent” vaccine was approved by the U.K.’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency and endorsed by the government’s independent scientific advisory body. The updated vaccine is expected to be available to adults as a booster jab from the fall. The agency’s decision was based on clinical trial data showing that the booster elicited a “robust immune response” against Omicron (BA.1) and the original 2020 virus. 

The Commission on Human Medicines said the vaccine has received endorsement from the British government’s independent scientific advisory body. As the virus evolved over time, additional vaccines are much needed and this vaccine would provide good protection and better defense action against the virus, said the commission. 

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The Commission on Human Medicines added that the approval marks a step forward for vaccine development, particularly for viruses with high levels of mutation. The UK medicine regulator also cited an exploratory analysis in which the shot was also found to generate a good immune response against the currently dominant Omicron sub-variants BA.4 and BA.5.