Nigerian woman’s Indian bride makeover winning hearts on the internet; The video goes viral

Indian wedding attires are always attractive all over the world. Many people like to adopt it because of its amazing and exotic look and traditional clothes also attract a lot of eyeballs. A video of a Nigerian bride with Indian wedding attire is now going viral over the internet. The video shows a wonderful getup of the bride and also her makeup which has now stunned people.

Usually, Indian brides wear a lot of ornaments on their big day, and this Nigerian woman loved to imitate it and dressed up like a perfect Indian bride. The Nigerian woman’s makeover has won hearts online as a video featuring her wedding look has been posted on Instagram by Neha Waraich Grover, a makeup artist from Punjab.“Wait for her perfect eyebrows twerk,” Neha Waraich Grover mentioned posting a video. 

“Isn’t she looking Indian after makeover. Ps: It was my dream to do an African girl as an Indian bride. I was looking for an African model for that, and then I got this real bride… yipppeee! Felt so lucky that I got an opportunity to doll her up for her big big day,” she wrote while posting the video. 

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The African woman, whose name has not been revealed, is seen wearing a heavily embroidered lehenga during the initial parts of the video. Her hands feature red wedding bangles. In the remaining portion of the video, the woman continues to apply jewelry, makeup, and a flower garland to her hair bun. 

Soon after the video was shared on Instagram, it received more than 67 lakh views and roughly 5.6 lakh likes. Netizens showered the artist’s work and the bride in the frame. One user wrote, “She is really looking so pretty. Adorable.” “Nice To see My Traditions Being Adopting by southern & Westerns,” said another user.