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Jisha Case; The story of 19-month long investigation

Ameer-ul Islam was found guilty in the Jisha rape and murder case was sentanced to death by a sessions court in Ernakulam, Kerala. Ameer-ul Islam, who was the lone acccused in the case, was on Tuesday found guilty by the same court. The case triggered massive public outrage and a heated debate on the question of women’s safety in Kerala.

Jisha, a 29 year old law student at the Government Law College, Ernakulam was found dead at her home near a canal on April 28,2016 in Perumbavoor, Ernakulam. Her mother, Rajeshwari was the first to see her body at 8:30pm.

Jisha lives with her mother who is a casual worker. Her father, Pappu separated from family was staying alone and he was later found dead on November 9,2017 due to natural causes. Police was not able to start the investigation in a fast face because Jisha’s mother was paranoid and as their family is dysfunctional and they had no contacts with thier neighbours/ relatives, this affected the case in the initial stages.The police found the body mutilated and disturbingly sliced. Forensics concluded the body injuries showed violence, possible torture and presence of alcohol. The report also noted that the culprit had used a sharp weapon to disembowel her. Jisha was stabbed over 30 times. Her chest was pierced with a dagger. The severe injury imposed on her neck led to her death, according to the postmortem report. The postmortem was conducted at the Alappuzha Government Medical College. The Jisha murder case shook the Kerala state during April 2016 and also went on to become the most publicized case during the legislative elections on May 2016.

According to forensic officials, samples of blood and saliva recovered have been sent for forensic examination, and DNA is recorded for matching. According to the police officers, preliminary investigation revealed Jisha probably was murdered when she resisted the rape attempt. The investigators also probed into migrant workers in the area for any clue about the murder.

The crime took place in the backdrop of the Kerala Legislative elections, and thereafter gained attention from polictical parties, film stars and celebrities.Justice for Jisha was the hashtag (#JusticeForJisha) used in the social media during April 2016 to quicken efforts for justice to Jisha by politicians and largely by people. The government offered to give a financial consolation of Rs 10 lakhs to the parents and a new home will be provided as well.
According to forensic officials, samples of blood and saliva recovered have been sent for forensic examination, and DNA is recorded for matching. According to the police officers, preliminary investigation revealed Jisha probably was murdered when she resisted the rape attempt. The investigators also probed into migrant workers in the area for any clue about the murder.

After the continous search by the police officials and the involvements from the people the case went into a major breakthrough. A citizen hailing from Assam informed his doubts about a worker he knew to the Kerala police; following the lead they picked up the Assamese labourer, and learnt that 24-year-old Ameer-ul-Islam was the culprit and was arrested from Kancheepuram in Tamil Nadu. He admitted committing the murder of the woman in Perumbavoor, the crime was motivated by previous grudge and revenge and committed under the influence of alcohol. He properly examined Jisha’s routine and waited to sexually assault her; in that effort and rage he killed her and she asked for water before dying but he gave her the alcohol he had in him.

The trail in the case took 85 days. As many as 100 witnesses including 15 migrant labourers, were examined by the prosecution which also presented evidences against Ameer-ul Islam. The prosecution also presented 290 documents and 36 material evidences and the defence counsel examined five witnesses.

On 12th December,2017 the court found Ameer-ul Islam is guilty and on 14th December,2017 the court awarded the maximum punishment of death sentence to Ameer-Ul Islam.The court did not find him guilty for destroying evidence and relevant sections under Dalits Acts.

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Maoists Kill 26 CRPF Jawans in Chattishgarh ‘s Sukma

April 24 : In the biggest Maoist attack in  past one year,  26  jawans of Central Reserve Police Force(CRPF) have been killed in  Chhattisgarh’s Sukma, in an ambush today.

Maoist Attack : Chattisgarh According to senor police officer Mukesh Gupta “As of now, a total of 26 CRPF, four policemen and one civilian have died.”

The toll according to sources is expected to climb higher.

Maoist Attack : Chattisgarh

Tragedy struck when CRPF, , was engaged in an operation to clear and open a road in Sukma district in the heavily forested stretch. According to sources, a few informant villagers were sent to gather details of CRPF location and activity. Then in a sudden surge came  300 odd Maoists who detonated a landmine and started firing indiscriminately.

“The attack sparked a gun battle that lasted about three hours.” said Rajinder Kumar Vij, the head of anti-Maoist operations for the state.

“The attack was on one of our police parties as the Naxalites (Maoists) have been frustrated at our increased presence in the area,” Gupta said.

The injured have been airlifted to nearby Raipur for treatment.

Maoist Attack : Chattisgarh Security reinforcements  rushed to the area immediately followed by top officials  cruising the place.

Chhattisgarh chief minister Raman Singh has called off his schedules in Delhi and rushed to Raipur and convened an emergency meeting later in the day.

There were no figures on the number of Maoist casualties.

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“Sir I Didn’t Know You’re Super Star” KRK Apologises to Mohanlal

Kammal R Khan clamped  brake to  his passion for ridicule, apologizing for his calling Malayalam super star Mohanlal “Chota Bheem”.

KRK's trollThe incident catapulted into limelight after Mohanlal announced his role as Bheem in forthcoming 1000 crore budget Mahabharata following which, Khan trolled him commenting Mohanlal’s built was ridiculous for the mighty bodied legend(Bheem), so the star should  rather attempt “Chota Bheem” role – a comical character in Hindi cartoon series.

krk's blatant commentKRK posted “Sir @Mohanlal you look like Chota Bheem so then how will u play role of Bheem in Mahabharata? Why do you want to waste money of B R shetty?” He went on to claim  he was himself  a bigger star because he has more followers on Twitter, than Lal.

KRK’s mockery had a picture of Mohanlal captioned “People pls see this Chota Bheem. It will be a biggest insult of Bheem if this joker plays role of greatest Bheem.”  He concluded his rant saying the only one suitable to play Bheem was actor Prabhas.

As troll hit social media, Malayali fans across geographies, rampaged KRK’s page with inflamed abuses, sometimes vulgar.  The furore that ensued was too much for even KRK  to digest who started to tag Mohanlal for respite.

Finally caving in to onslaught from fan world, the self-proclaimed critic now finally apologized on Twitter “Sir @Mohanlal sorry to call you #ChotaBheem Coz I didn’t know much about you. But now I know that you are a super star of Malayalam films,”

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Sub Collector Should be Sent to Mental Hospital : MM Mani

Known for  recklessness when it comes to political comments, Minister KM Mani today screeched  “Sub-Collector Shriram Venkaram should be moved to Mental Hospital at Oollanpara.”.

demolition of cross : Munnar evictionThe  heated response came in context to Thursday’s dismantling of cross from encroached land in Devikulam.

With curfew clamped and amid high security, the eviction team headed by Sub-Collector Venkatram had pulled down the massive cross in encroachment occupied earlier by “Spirit of Jesus”.

Sub Collector during Munnar evictionLeft plans to shift the officer out on grounds that cross operation lacked essential precautions in place and clamping prohibitory orders violated rules, say sources.

Chinnakannal is the next eviction spot slated for clearance after Papathichola where the controversial cross removal took place. And several encroachments in Chinnakannal  are said to be held by CPM leaders. Besides, the sub-collector also collected documents pertaining to land held by MLA, S Rajendran and has initiated probe into his properties in village of Ikka Nagar in Munnar.

According to sources it is imminent headache in store for CPM leaders, who stand a good chance of losing lands to eviction, that has turned the tide against Venkataram.

Infuriated speeches by CPM leaders post-cross removal and coordinated protests combined with uncertainty on govt. response has brought Munnar eviction to a virtual halt, at least for now.

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Merger Sealed, O Panneerselvam Returns as Chief Minister

April 22 : The two warring factions of AIADMK led by former chief minister O Panneerselvam and incumbent CM Edapadi Palaniswami have finally clinched the  merger.

In a patch up that swaps positions, O Panneerselvam will take over as Tamil Nadu’s chief minister and Palaniswami will step down to replace VK Sasikala as party general secretary.

On Thursday, Panneerselvam put forth two demands , ouster of Sasikala and Dinakaran from the party and CBI probe into death of former Chief Minister Jayalalitha. Palaniswami camp conceded to these demands paving way for merger.

Palaniswami has formed a seven-member committee headed by Rajya Sabha MP R Vaithiyalingam to run day-to-day affairs of the party. It includes ministers C Sreenivasan, KA Sengottaiyan and D Jayakumar among others.

Meanwhile amid heavy security, Dinakaran flew to Delhi today to appear before investigators on case of alleged attempt to bribe an EC official to procure “TWO LEAVES” party symbol for his erstwhile Sasikala faction.

A lookout notice was issued by police given his status as NRI and possibility to flee the country.

Ministers of both factions has Income Tax Dept bringing out greater evidence of stocking demonetized notes and reports say it is ‘vulnerability’ of AIADMK that has prompted present merger.

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Revealed : “Young Women” at Sabarimala Not So Young

The controversy surrounding photos that showed   ‘young women’  throng with  devotees at Sabarimala, has come to rest after  a probe revealed the women were above 50 of age.

 The temple bars females between age 10 to 50  from visiting the sacred hills.

 However a picture posted by BJP Intelligence Cell Convener Mohandas showed a  small group of  women, especially one in blue with back turned who  appeared far younger than permissible 50.

The photo that went viral and  stirred weeks-long debate about rights and wrongs of gender bias at places of worship Vs supremacy of age-old traditions.

The furore that ensued prompted Devasom Minister Kadakampally Surendran initiate a vigilance probe.

 All women at Sabarimala above 50 years of ageShot of the same group from a different angle has now emerged after official inquiry concluded that the ages of  all the women were above 50.


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NRIs To Be Barred from Using P-Notes : Black Money Curb

Market regulator, Securities and Exchange Board of India(SEBI) , will formally bar Indians, non-resident Indians and entities beneficially owned by NRIs from using participatory notes(P-Notes) through its new amendment in its regulation.

P-Notes are derivative instruments issued by foreign institutional investors(FII) to overseas clients who want to invest in Indian securities, without registering with SEBI for legitimate or dubious reasons.

P-Notes are not issued in India, rather these are issued by an India registered FII to client, underlining that securities are held on behalf of the client by them.

The Game

Increasingly, ‘foreign investors’ who invest in Indian through P-Notes are props for Indian and NRI entities.

This happens because the actual end user could be different from the first P-Note buyer. Savvy tax evaders thus use this route to deploy their black money into Indian securities.

Roped In

To check this trend, SEBI will amend the Foreign Portfolio Investors regulations and ban Indians and NRI’s from becoming beneficial owners of P-Notes.

The move is expected to restrict round-tripping of funds to evade taxes and launder black money.

A decision to this effect will be taken at SEBI’s upcoming board meet on April 26.

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Dismantled Cross Vanishes Late Evening : Munnar Eviction

April 21 : The controversial cross of Pappathichola, dismantled by team evicting encroachments in Munnar, went missing late evening with another wooden cross left on  site in its place.

The ground by survey number 32/1 that housed the cross is govt. land lost in  encroachment to ‘Spirit of Jesus’ earlier and subject to current eviction.

Udumbanchola additional Tehsildar has sought report from the concerned village office on cross missing incident.

Meanwhile “Spirit of Jesus” members informed police that new wooden cross has not been laid by them.

Police have detained two persons for questioning.

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Petroleum Products to be Home Delivered Soon

April 21 : Long ques at fuel pumps will not be a forced option as the  govt. considers home delivery plan of petroleum products to consumers, the oil ministry tweeted today. Only that the order should be pre-booked, it added.

Around 350 million people are known to visit fuel stations each day. Annually 25 billion rupees (USD 387.00 million) worth of transactions takes place pumps.

A daily price revision of petrol and diesel too will be introduced in five cities starting may first before launch of home-delivery plan, the ministry wrote.

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Merger At Last ! Panneerselvam Gen Secy, Palanisami CM

21 April : The uncertainty surrounding merger of AIADMK factions, led by O Pannerselvam former CM on one side and present chief minister Palanisami on other, finally ended with confirmation of merger from reliable sources.

Acceptance of Panneerselvam’s call to oust Dinakaran and Sasikala from party and govt. was the driving force behind the deal.

Earlier a‘consultative’ meeting of AIADMK chaired by chief minister Edapady Palaniswami released a 20-minister joint-statement saying “a committee and not a family will run the party henceforth.”

“It has been decided to fully keep away Dinakaran and his family from party and government” Palaniswami told.

However , there was another Panneerselvam call to clinch the merger. Former CM insisted that govt. order  CBI probe into Jayalalitha’s death, a demand that is said to have been accepted as well.

Post-merger Palanisami will continue as chief minister and Panneerselvam will take charge as General Secretary of the party.

Concluding talks in today’s meeting are due to wind up soon and merger will be formally announced, sources said.