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Cross demolished in Full Media Glare, Pinarayi Irked

As fresh controversy erupts over demolition of a massive Church cross in full media glare, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan sounds irked by  the eviction team  led by Idukki district collect G R Gokul on the operation.

Pinarayi said  the officials should have paid greater attention to the underlying sentiment and just put a signboard on site, if they are sure it was govt. land to recover.

“The cross is innocent and a huge section of people have their faith put in there. It has been razed without consulting the govt. and creates an impression that the state was against the Crhistian respresentation.” the minister said.

A concrete structure at base was demolished before pulling down the iron cross atop. The entire operation was confidential and carried out after curfew imposed to prevent possible agitation.

The matter will be discussed in a meeting Friday and appropriate decision taken, Pinarayi told the media.


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Chargsheeted : Abuser Priest Robin to be Tried Under POCSO

1The private life of catholic priest Robin Vadakkumchery will stand rigours of Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POSCO) Act in court, as police submitted chargesheet in Kottiyoor rape case, for sexually exploiting and impregnating  a 16-year-old girl.

Kotiyoor rape case, co-accusedThe abuse came light when the minor  delivered a baby boy at Christu Raj Hospital near Koothuparambu. The hospital authorities and family attempted to cover up what happened by shying  away from mandatory reporting to the police on minor births.

Kottiyoor rape case

The new born was quietly shifted to an orphanage run by nuns at Vythiri, Wayanad. Wayanad Child Welfare Committee(CWC) chairman Fr Thomas Joseph Therakam, Betty Jose and Superinintent of the orphanage Sister Ophelia are among the nine others named in the chargesheet.

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Government Returns Recommendation, Senkumar’s Future Uncertain

In another retributive gesture against  senior IPS officer T P Senkumar, the government returned recommendation to appoint him as member of Kerala Administrative Tribunal(KAT).

The file suggesting Senkumar was handed over by a committee presided by Chief Justice of Kerala High Court, but was send  back to the governor, citing the  panel contained only three names and that an expanded list is desirable.

There presently exists two vacancies at the tribunal.

Senkumar had earlier approached the Supreme Court against his ouster as DGP by present government sidelining norms, an act he claimed ‘ruined his official career’.

A KAT member enjoys a 5-year term and if appointed Senkumar due to retire soon could stay put in service till 65 years.

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Munnar eviction begins. More than 300 acres camouflaged as ‘spiritual tourism’

Amid mild protests, district administration armed with eviction orders began to recover lands of Munnar and Devikulam panchayats, lost to illegal encroachments.Munnar eviction begins

Section 144 to prevent  agitation attempts  has been applied to several areas and the eviction team flanked by heavy guard has started to  pull down down structures – concrete and temporary.

Pappathichlola, where more than 300 acres of land is guised under ‘spiritual tourism’ was first spot chosen to raze down.

Unable to stage full-fledged agitation , some locals left vehicles stranded on roads which were cleared using excavators. A few protesters in isolated incidents were removed by police.

The eviction team is being led by Devikulam additional Tehsildar.

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Actress Abduction Case : Police files chargesheet.

Thiruvananthapuram: In the sensational actress abduction case, where seven-member gang had conspired over a month to kidnap, molest, blackmail and extort money from a popular Malayalam heroine, police filed chargesheet in the court.

allAll seven taken into custody at beginning of the probe have been named in the document, police sources said. Sunil Kumar aka Pulsar Suni is prime accused followed by driver Martin Antony, “Vadival” Salim, Pradeep, Manikandan and Vijeesh.

The incident took place on February 17 when the actress was enroute Nedumbaserry on her way to Kochi from her Thrissur home. The gang trailed her car and hit it from the rear end at Athani. As planned, the driver got out on pretext to evaluate damage and the gang forced their way into the car. They then rode through lonesome stretches next three hours videoing semi-nude pictures of the actress and assaulting her.
2All have admitted to crime and testified Pulsar Suni as the plotter. The plan fizzled out when the actress came bold and reported to police else the gang planned to extort Rs. 30 lakh from her using ‘molestation bid videos’ and distribute the ransom among themselves, according to revelations during interrogation.

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Petrol Pumps in Kerala and 7 Other States to Shut on Sundays from May

In response to Narendra Modi’s call to conserve oil, eight states including Kerala and Tamil Nadu will shut every Sunday beginning May 14, said Fuel Pump Owners Association in Chennai.

“We had planned Sunday closure a few years back, but oil companies requested us to re-consider the idea, but now we are firm on pulling shutters on Sunday, “ said Suresh Kumar, member of Consortium of Indian Petroleum Dealers.

Modi had mooted the idea in his recent “Mann Ki Baath” program.

The vice-president of Tamil Nadu Petroleum Dealers Association, said nearly 20,000 outlets spanning Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Pudhucherry, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra and Haryana will remain closed on Sundays starting May14 adding “We will lose Rs. 150crore per Sunday we stay shut.”

The Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) this time is said to have supported the decision.

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Electricity Rates to Spike Up From Today

Householders face steep hike in electricity bills, as Kerala State Electricity Regulatory Commission raised rates in range between 10 – 30 paise per unit applicable  from today.

Homes consuming lesser than 40 units will not be affected by the revised tariff, the commission said.

The spike in slabs translates to 10 paise more per unit for consumption up to 50 units, 20 paise/unit more for those consuming 50 – 100 units and 30 paise/unit hike for consumption above 100 units.

The raised rates are applicable to commercial usage too.

The revised tariff is expected to fetch an additional  Rs. 500 – 550 cr in  revenue for KSEB.

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Malappuram Gives Kunhalikutty a Sweeping Victory, Leads by 1,71,038 Votes

IUML candidate, PK Kunhalikutty hailed his legislative victory in front of  a jubilant crowd of supporters after winning 5,15,330 votes with a lead of 1,71,038  over runner-up MB Faizal.

The three major parties that rivaled for  Malappuram Lok Sabha seat are CPM, BJP, and IUML(allied to Congress-led UDF ) with their candidates  MB Faizal, Sree Prakash, and PK Kunhalikutty respectively.

Commenting on wins in village councils of  Left strongholds, Kunhalikutty told they media “This is because the electorate bestowed great faith in me as I urged the need for secular outlook.”   Oneness within Congress-led-UDF also, he added

While Kunhalikutty pulled off a splendid victory, the win fell short of nearly 20,000 votes compared to  E Ahamed’s  gain of  1.91 lakh votes  in 2014 elections.  LDF candidate M B Faisal won 3,44,307 votes and BJP candidate N Sreeprakash hand to content with 65,675 votes.  4,098 votes went to NOTA counter.

E Ahamed’s death from cardiac arrest on Feb 1 this year necessitated this by-poll.


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Malapuram election results, Kunhalikutty leads : Live Updates

Malapuram elections come close to being a political reality as ballot-boxes unfold.

12.00 pm      Party Tally (Final result)

UDF    : 5,15,325

LDF     : 3,44,287

NDA    :      65,662


Candidate Trail

·         UDF candidate and IUML leader PK Kunhalikutty leads by   1,71,038  votes

·         CPM’s M B Faisal is second in the lead

·         BJP’s Sreeprakash trails 3rd position



11.45 am      Party Tally

UDF    : 5,07,177

LDF     : 3,36,859

NDA    :      64,831

11.30 am      Party Tally

UDF    : 4,83.589

LDF     : 3,18,255

NDA    :      61,369

11.10 am      Party Tally

UDF    : 4,47,113

LDF     : 2,93,183

NDA    :      58,042


10.30 am      Party Tally

UDF    : 3,40,162

LDF     : 2,16,036

NDA    :      42,001

10.20  am      Party Tally

UDF    : 3,10,975

LDF     : 1,97,660

NDA    :      38,148

10.05  am      Party Tally

UDF    : 2,67,057

LDF     : 1,68,206

NDA    :     32,281

9.45  am      Party Tally

UDF    : 2,30,812

LDF     : 1,45,520

NDA    :     28,743


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Cadell changes story, points out an oppressive father : Nanthancode Murders

Cadell Jeansen Raja was taken to the crime scene, his house at Nanthancode that he set on fire after killing his parents , sister and a relative early morning Sunday.
1Charged with murder, Cadell has changed his earlier stories of experimenting ‘astral projection, and  Satan Worship as motive to the killings. The accused now claims it is his frustration with an oppressive father and a siding mother that drove him to the murders.
Cool and collected, Cadell was smiling all through his time in the house, where police brought him for gathering evidence.

1Given the easygoing and unemotional response of the accused together changing narrations, police are undecided on the real motive behind the gruesome killings that shocked the capital.


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