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Unbelievable ! One-year-old escapes unhurt after train runs over

Mathura : A one-year-old girl had a miraculous escape after a train sped over her at Uttar Pradesh’s Mathura Railway Station.

A video footage shows the infant lying jammed  between the outer side of the track and the raised platform. The baby can be heard crying as the train passes over her.

Then, As soon as the train clears out, a onlooker gets down to the track,  lifts the baby and passes her over to the relatives.

People were heard chanting God’s name while the traumatised baby cried incessantly.

Watch the hair-raising video


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Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are married

Bollywood heartthrobs Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh, who got married on Wednesday afternoon in Italy as per Konkani traditions, took their wedding vows according to Sindhi ritual today.

News of Deepika and Ranveer’s wedding was confirmed almost immediately yesterday after their film colleagues such as Karan Johar, Madhuri Dixit, Ritiesh Deshmukh and other wished them good luck on Twitter.

Deepika and Ranveer  tied the knot at the stunning Villa del Balbianello overlooking Lake Como in Northern Italy. A video taken from the nearby lake showed the couple and their close friends and family on a balcony at the villa. Also spotted were Deepika and Ranveer’s parents.

There were high security arrangements and very few images of the weddings have been leaked to media yet.


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Exploring : Leopard enters Gujarat secretariat, 100 forest officials rush to spot

Gujarat secretariat Monday morning had a unusual visitor who triggered panic among the few staff present in the premises – a leopard. The animal made its way in on Sunday night.

A State Reserve Police (SRP) jawan spotted the leopard walking from the gate and alerted forest officials.

CCTV visuals showed how the animal  after lingering a few moments outside Gate no 7, sits  down to crawl from under it and treads unperturbed, through the lonely aisle onto a raised walkway.

About 100 forest officials have reached the spot and set cages and the animal hunt is still underway.

Leopards are boldest among big cats and most difficult to track by feline standards, when they choose to enter human settlements.


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Double Trouble : Bindu faces near ostracism, death threat, after Sabarimala visit

Chevayoor native Bindu Kalyani from Kozhikode, who tried a hand at making history by trekking Sabarimala while still in the traditionally barred age, as received death threats following the event.

Also the landlord of the house she lives in has asked her to vacate the property.

Adding to her woes, the school she works in has hinted difficulty to allow her on job there. Bindu is English teacher at Medical College Campus Higher Secondary School in Kozhikode. Protesters allegedly created a ruckus at the school demanding her ouster.

On her return from Sabarimala, Bindu was lodged in her friend’s flat at Chalapuram. Protesters, allegedly BJP activists, reached there this morning and attempted door break to make their way in, Bindu said. They allegedly threatened to kill her and break the male friend’s arms and legs, if she continued to live there.

According to Bindu, the protesters also advised the property owner to evict her, to save further trouble.


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Speeding train mows down 50 during Dushehra celebrations : Punjab

Bloodbath befell Amritsar rail-zone after two trains speeding in opposite directions killed at least 50 people Friday evening amid Dushehra celebrations.

The incident took place at Joda Phatak in Punjab’s Amritsar, late evening today.

There were over 300 people watching Ravana Dahan, – burning of Ravana effigy – at a ground close to the tracks. As flames and fireworks caught up, dozens of people backed off to join watchers standing on the railway tracks.

According to eye witnesses, a high speed train came suddenly mowing down scores of people, including children, leaving the tracks soaked in blood.

The train headed to Amritsar from Jalandhar was running at approx 100 kmph.

It is not immediately clear why the railway crossing was left open, prompting revelers to gather there.

Following the carnage Punjab Chief Minister, Amarinder Singh, cancelled his scheduled visit to Israel and has ordered an in-depth probe into the incident.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi condoled the tragedy.

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Tragic : Gurgaon judge’s son shot in the head on life support, brain dead

Gurgaon : Haryana judge’s 17-year-old son who was shot in the head by guard on duty, has been declared brain dead, according to the hospital that mentioned him critical yesterday.

“It would be a miracle, if he survives,” said doctors at the hospital.

The judge’s wife Ritu(45) who was shot twice in the chest,  succumbed to excessive bleeding the same day.

The gruesome murders took place on Saturday, when the additional sessions judge Krishna Kant’s guard Mahipal, allegedly frustrated from ill treatment, shot Ritu and Dhruv outside crowded Arcadia market.

Both were rushed to hospital in critical condition.

In visuals shot by onlookers, Mahipal is seen lifting Dhruv in two failed attempts, to put him into the backseat of the family’s white Honda City. He later leaves the teen crumpled  by wayside and drives off.(Watch the video)

Mahipal was produced before Gurgaon court at 1 pm Sunday, and sent to four-day custody reportedly for extensive interrogation.

According to preliminary findings, Mahipal had problems at home with frequent fights confirmed by his neighbours. He was also depressed by alleged mistreatment by the judge’s family who made him do their menial chores.

The judge’s wife allegedly scolded him inside the car on their way to the market, on the fateful day.

Dhruv has been put on life support.


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Frustrated cop shoots judge’s wife to death, son critical

Gurgaon : A constable on guard, shot a judge’s wife dead and son, point-blank in a crowded market area in Haryana.

The shooting took place in sector-48 outside the market in South City-2 at 3.30 pm Saturday, where weekend shoppers were present in large numbers and traffic was heavy.

The shooter Mahipal, personal security officer of judge Krishan Kant, then reportedly called him saying “I shot your wife and son. Go and see them.”

Visuals captured by onlookers showed people screaming in horror as Mahipal tried to pull the judge’s  son, who lay bleeding and unconscious on the road, into the backseat of the family’s white Honda City. After two failed attempts, he then leaves the boy crumpled at the spot and drives off.(Watch the video)

After the shooter leaves, onlookers wrap Druv’s bleeding wound. They then rush him to nearby Park Hospital, where his condition is said to be very critical.

The judge’s wife died on the spot after sustaining 2 bullets into her chest.

According to preliminary findings, Mahipal, head constable by rank, was mentally frustrated from being made to do menial chores for judge’s family.



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Mortuary shortage : Rajasthan doctors conduct autopsy on roadside

Medics at a government health centre in Rajasthan’s Barmer performed postmortem on two bodies on roadside Wednesday, shocking passersby.

A video on social media showed a man engaged in autopsy procedures, behind a near transparent green screen.

“There is no mortuary n the 100 km stretch between Barmer and Gadara Road. The autopsies were conducted on humanitarian grounds, with requests from police and family,” staid staffers at Gadara health centre.

Every protocol was strictly adhered to, they added.

Villagers said open-air autopsies were common occurrences and robbed the dead of their dignity.

The deceased were identified as Raja Devi and her daughter-in-law mayya Kanwar(30) who died after coming into contact with live wire while drying clothes.

In the incident, Devi’s husband was referred to Jodhpur hospital for medical treatment. He had tried to save the daughter-in-law.


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Retired cop beaten to death in full public view : Allahabad

In a shocking incident, a retired sub-inspector aged 70 was thrashed to death in broad daylight in Allahabad on Monday.

The fatal assault captured on mobile shows Abdul Samad Khan riding a cycle reportedly to buy groceries. The goons in the visuals then intercept him and bring him down heavy blows using long sticks. Motorists who crossed the spot paused and or moved away as did people from the nearby building who witnessed the incident.

Police rush to the scene later and take Khan to the hospital where he succumbs to injuries shortly after.

The prime suspect Junaid has a criminal history and property dispute is speculated to be the motive.

Watch the gruesome attack




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“Puthiya Keralam” video released to herald rebuilding campaign

Thiruvananthapuram : A music video titled Puthiya Keralam (New Kerala) was released today in sync with rebuilding dreams  by ruling Left in flood-ravaged Kerala.

The album was inaugurated by Tourism minister Kadakampally Surendran in the capital.

The song highlights solidarity shown during recent floods – the worst in a century – and reinforces oneness in rebuilding times before us. The track also sings about preserving mother nature for safe existence as it sifts through scenes of devastation and rescue during days when massive floods and landslides ripped the state.

The lyrics are penned by Sandeep Sudha and music composed by V Devanand. The anthem melody is sung by Devanand,  Ganesh Sundaram and Uday Ramachandran.

Watch the video :