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Woman in Abu Dhabi kills, cooks ex-boyfriend’s remains to conceal murder

A 39-year-old Moroccan woman, killed her boy friend and cooked his meat from mid-night to dawn four days straight, to remove evidence of the crime.

The incident took place two months ago in Abu Dhabi, but came to light after the victim’s  brother came around looking for him and found a tooth in the kitchen blender.

The woman called her ex-lover to her apartment for dinner and soon began a brawl.

As the fight escalated, the woman pulled out a knife and began stabbing him in the chest and abdomen. As he lay dead, she sawed his body in half and put each part in suitcases. She then shifted the remains to another flat she had rented after wiping clean all blood traces from the house she lived in.

She used a large knife, a saw,a cleaver, large pots, pans, pressure cookers, a meat grinder and a gas stove to cook the flesh in batches.

The cover was blown when the man’s brother visited her asking his whereabouts. She denied any knowledge and said they had broken up after he pursued affair with another woman.

The brother who insisted on searching the apartment came across, what looked like a human tooth in the blender. He alerted the police and she later confessed to the crime upon interrogation.

Neighbours reportedly told the police, there emanated the smell of human flesh cooking from 12 to 5 am for four nights, when the man is believed to have been murdered.