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Shortage of Doctors Acute in Kerala, National Level Worse

With rising population and subsequent healthcare demands, Kerala and the country  at large grapples with an extraordinary scenario where the doctor : patient ratio ranges from 6 to 20 times the world standards.

In Kerala an allopathic doctor treats 6810 patients on an average. The ratio is more than six times the WHO laid-down norm of 1:1000 doctor-patient ratio.

The national average is worse standing at 1:11,082 meaning ten times the WHO indicated ratio.

As per a 2017 study, Kerala has 55,251 allopaths.

Interestingly the number of registered doctors has come down compared to previous years.

In 2017 only 833 doctors registered under the Medical Councils while the number stood at 3,335 in 2016.

State-wise Statistics
Delhi has one of the best doctor-patient ratio in the country at 1:2203 while Bihar is the worst case scenario with 1:28391.

In Uttar Pradesh it is 1: 19962, Madhya Pradesh 1: 16,996, Karnataka 1:13,556.

Narendra Modi govt move to enhance allopathic practitioner numbers by licensing those from alternative streams to practice allopathy after doing a ‘bridge course’ is expected to bring some respite to the situation.

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China gets aggressive. Deploys Yuan class submarine in Indian Ocean

China has deployed one of its Yuan class submarines in the Indian ocean days after India moved in its troops to reinforce Bhutan’s protest over China constructing road on Bhutan disputed stretch at the trijunction on borders shared by the three countries.

Undermining aged Indian Submarine, the Chinese diesel electric mammoth is the seventh submarine to be poised in the area.

The submarine is supported by Chinese Naval Ship(CNS) Chongmingdao – China’s submarine support vessel.

The new deployment registered on Indian radar recently.

Warships and  submarines first emerged in the Indian Ocean in 2013 -14 ostensibly for anti-piracy operations in the Gulf of Aden.

However the expansion in warship deployment was followed by  Hydrographic, Oceanographic vessels and spy-ships in the Indian Ocean to map the sea-bed, a worrying development for India.

According to reliable sources, Chinese Naval Spy Ship Haiwingxing has entered the ocean this month and it is equipped with sophisticated capacity of collecting electronic intelligence and  honing on electronic signals that can be directed to China for analysis.

New Delhi has been told that the spy ship is in the region to monitor annual tri-lateral India-US—Japan naval exercise that starts on July 7.


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Sikkim Standoff : Trump respects Modi but unlikely to love India, says Chinese expert

As India and China jostles on International border in Sikkim, , a Chinese strategic expert on Monday commented that India is emboldened by Trump-Modi meet,  but as a country lagging far behind US and China in national strength, India cannot capture the US president’s affection though Trump might have some respect for Modi.

Downplaying India’s ability to flex muscle with China, the senior fellow of Sahghai Institutes for International Studies, Liu Zongi said “Because the border face-off announcement of anti-dumping probe(against China) occurred around the same time as Modi’s two-day visit to US, people link India’s bravura with the Modi-Trump meeting,”

The expert commentary that was published on Monday in the hawkish party-run tabloid Global Times was also critical of US branding Hizbul chief Syed Salahuddin as global terrorist.

India China Fresh Dispute
The latest stand-off between India and China began on June 16 when Bhutan objected to China building a road in Koklam plateau near India, China, Bhutan trijunction, on the side disputed by Bhutan and China.

When China ignored Bhutan’s protest, Indian troops two days later approached Chinese army urging them to maintain status quo in the disputed region.

China infuriated by India’s interference released several statements, photographs and maps on Sunday claiming India had “violated international law” by ‘trespassing’  India-China border into what China sees as its territory.

Meanwhile, more reinforcement with guns pointed downward in non-combat mode have arrived from the Indian side over the issue

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UBER Top Management Exits Might Take India Rides Off-road

As measures to battle wide criticism of its culture  eroded  top level managers , heavyweights overseeing India Division too seem on their way out, threatening the ride-company’s services on India’s roads.

On Tuesday, chief executive Travis Kalanick went on unspecified leave days after, senior vice-president of business Emil Michael and Eric Alexander who heads Asia-Pacific business left amid surge of scandals.

Emil played key role in driving investments to company’s India operations and with him gone Indian business will move out of focus at least in the coming months.

“Emil, Travis and especially Eric were very clued into the India business operations,” said executive at Uber India, declining to be identified.

Travis’s background is such that he does push the limits to achieve growth and that’s the reason they are where they are today but being ethically responsible is important, Pradeep Murthy, partner at Light Box Ventures said.

The cab-hailing company has been battling allegations of widespread mismanagement and oppressive workplace culture especially since former employee Susan Flower in a blog spot in February wrote how the company culture was grotesquely hostile to women and an HR bureaucracy that investigated nothing.

The India Exit Trigger
Under pressure to mend existing culture and mgt. style, Uber retained law firm of former US Attorney Gerneral Eric Holder to look into its culture and practices which turn offered its recommendation.

Discomfort with new work order based on the recommendations resulted in Emil’s exit. The report also triggered reducing Kalanick’s sweeping authority. Alexander was fired after two lawfirms investigating into allegations of widespread sexual harassment at Uber found that he had accessed medical reports of a woman raped by driver in India in December.

The recommendations adopted recently by Uber will also institute more controls over spending, HR, the behaviour of managers, and prohibit intimate relationships at the workplace and issuing stricter guidelines on conducting social events and alcohol consumption.

Uber’s business in India is valued at about $70 million and is a particularly critical market since its exit from China, where it sold its operations to domestic market leader Didi Chuxing.

Uber employs about 400 people in India and has about 4,00,000 drivers in 29 cities. Ola has about 5,00,000 drivers across 110 cities.

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Indian Army Retaliates to Unprovoked Firing, 2 Pak Soldiers Killed

In retaliation to indiscriminate firing by Pakistan along the Line of Control(LoC) including civilian spots, Indian army intensified counter-attack,  killing 2 soldiers on the other side.

The attacks took place in Rajouri and Poonch districts of Jammu Kashmir where Pakistan in the early hours of Thursday, began to shell mortars and shot small fire arms and automatic weapons on forward posts and civilian stretches.

In response, Indian troops launched massive offensive in which 2 Pak soldiers were killed.

“Pakistan Army initiated indiscriminate firing of mortars, small arms, automatics RPG, Recoilless Rifles from 1840 hours in Naushera sector along the LoC in Rajouri district today,” Defence Spokesman Lt. Col. Manish Mehta said.

Indian Army Posts are retaliating strongly, he added.
Earlier there were 3 ceasefire violations on June 12 taking the total so far since January 2014.

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2 killed, 5 Injured, India deliberately targets civilians, Pakistan tells Dy. High Commissioner.

Pakistan on Thursday summoned India’s Deputy High Commissioner condemning the ‘unprovoked ceasefire violation’ that killed its two civilians and injured five others.

Pakistan Version
The firing took place in Battal, Jandrot and Kotli sectors, it said in a statement.

The Director General(South Asia & SAARC) Dr. Mohammad Faisal told GP Singh that  India was ‘deliberate in targeting’  civilians which is contravenes international human rights and humanitarian laws.

Meanwhile, Indian Army said the Pakistan Foreign Office version deviates from reality of the day.

Indian Side
In clear violation to ceasefire agreement, Pakistan had early morning Thursday, opened fire in Rajouri and Poonch districts on Thursday, said sources at Indian army.

In response, India launched retaliatory attacks with mortar fire and shelling, on Pakistani posts located on other side of Line of Control(LoC) in Bhimber and Battal sectors, it said. One GREF labour died and two BSF Jawans were wounded in the process, army officials said.

5 members from Pakistan’s Border Action Team(BAT) were killed and 6 others injured.

BAT according to army sources is tasked to ambush Indian patrol team along the border, facilitate infiltration and perpetrate terror.

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Pakistan claims India Attacked a UN Vehicle. Not true, says UN

Pakistan in its report on Tuesday stated that India chose a UN Military Observer Group (MOG) vehicle in India escorted by Pakistani army men as its military target.

The attack, the report said, was in “clear violation of ceasefire agreement’ and that Pakistan army responded ‘effectively to silence the Indian Firing’.

Briefing the matter at a press conference, the UN Secretary stated the allegation to be ‘Not True”.

“I can say to you that this afternoon in Bhimber District … UNMOGIP military observers accompanied by Pakistani army escorts heard gunshots in their vicinity. There is no evidence that the UNMOGIP military observers were targeted by the gunfire. No UN military observer was injured,” said Stephane Dujarric, spokesman for the UN Secretary-General.

Pakistan has been disgruntled ever since Indian army carried out massive attacks, using anti-tank guided missile and rocket launchers, on its posts causing considerable damage.

The Indian army in an unprecedented move had also released videos showing the heavy-weight operation.

Pakistan however denied suffering damage or casualties and came out with a video – termed ‘fake- by Indian army – showing fire send forth from Pakistani side to India.

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Samsung Launches Galaxy S8, S8+ in India

Samsung Mobile has unveiled the hotly anticipated Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ smartphones in India priced at Rs. 57,900 and Rs. 64,900 respectively.

Here is everything you will need to know


The display is crisp, punchy and great for outdoor viewing.

Both come with QHD Super AMOLED display but with different sizes at 5.8-inch and 6.2-inch on S8 and S8+ respectively. Like the predecessor Galaxy S7 Edge, the S8 and S8+ also have the curved display. It is protected by the latest Corning Gorilla Glass 5 for protection from scratches and minor bumps.


Both are beautiful and hard to choose by sheer look and the in-hand feel comes close to Galaxy S7, only a bit lighter and handy. All corners are easy to reach with one average size hand.


The Galaxy S8 and S8+ run on Android 7.0 Nougat with Samsung’s own UI on top. The company has added new features too.


In a first on any smartphone,  Galaxy S8 and S8+ boast of a 12MP sensor with f/1.7 aperture on the back having ‘Dual Pixel autofocus’ technology and an 8MP front camera

It also comes equipped with  4 GB ram and 64 GB internal storage which can be further enhanced with a Micro SD card

Other features

It also sports LTE, Wi-Fi, NFC, wireless charging, Bluetooth 5, GPS and Iris sensor

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Doctors Treating World’s Heaviest Woman Resign Over Criticism

Eman Ahmed, the world’s heaviest woman weighed 500 kg when flown to Mumbai, for treatments including  gastric-band surgery for weight loss.

The surgery leached out around 240 kgs off her body and was largely a success, but doctors as a team resigned post soon after, unable to withstand criticisms  by Eman’s family.

India is a sought after destination for bariatrics – treatment for obesity and allied diseases  –  as costs stand reduced to half of availing the same  procedure in  US.

Eman 36, was initially denied a visa as she could not attend Indian Embassy in Cairo personally, but later granted one after Lakdawala appealed to India’s external affairs minister on Twitter.

She underwent treatment, including bariatric surgery, in February and March and doctor Lakdawala went on to accept  a medical prize stating  the woman had lost more than 240 kg.

That claim however, did not go down well with her family and Eman’s sister, Shaimaa Selim, posted a video denouncing the claim and said the doctors lied about the extent of Eman’s weight loss and that  her sister had been “destroyed” by the treatment.

“Since [the surgery] she is not able to talk, she is connected to this feeding tube … she is not able to move, she looks bluish, no improvement,” Shaimaa’s post read. The medical team “care about show and propaganda only, and to appear on mass media”, she added.

Doctors from the team responded on social media, posting pictures of scales showing she now weighed about 170kg. They also said results of a CT scan had shown no evidence the woman had suffered another stroke.

Pic by doctors showing a slimmer and fitter Eman

Later, the entire team except for Lakdawala quit their services saying they were hurt by the allegations.

Following the outpour, Eman is now scheduled for hospital discharge earlier than her relatives would have liked.

Aparna Bhasker, the chief bariatric surgeon at the Saifee hospital where Eman  is being treated said. “They (relatives) want to keep her here, “We could have helped her, but this is not the way to go about it,” she said.

Eman hails from Alexandria in Egypt and was born with lymphedema, a condition that causes body tissue to swell. She suffered a stroke aged 11 and has been unable to leave the house in 25 years.

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PM Launches Affordable Flight Scheme ‘UDAN’ From Simla

April 27 : PM Narendra Modi today launched the first flight under UDAN scheme from Shimla to Delhi, the flight charge being Rs. 2,000 per person.

UDAN stands for ‘Ude desh ka aam nagrik’ which in Hindi means common man in India can now fly .  The scheme that makes air travel affordable to common people will connect over 45 unserved and served airports across 20 states in the country including UP, MP, Maharashtra, Gujarat,  Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil nadu and Puducherry. The airports that will  connect with one another under the scheme include Shimla, Bhatinda, Neyveli, Bilaspur, Cooch Behar, Nanded and Kadapa.

Presently the seating capacity of Alliance Air under UDAN scheme will range from 19 to 78.  Other airliners will have 50 percent of their seating capacities limited to Rs. 2500 per seat per flight hour under UDAN.

Airlines companies chosen to operate UDAN scheme are Airline Allied (Alliance Air), SpiceJet, Turbo Deccan Airways, Air Deccan and Air Odisha.