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Revenge Attack : Bomb hurled at house of RSS worker in Kozhikode

Kozhikode : A politically motivated counter attack in Kozhikode happened with explosion of steel bomb at RSS worker’s house, in wee hours today in Kozhikode.

The Right activist Sudeesh said the attack took place a little after midnight yesterday when a bomb hurled at his house broke window panes and traumatised the family inside.

Sudeesh had earlier headed a gang that attacked CPM district secretary P Mohanan’s house and daughter-in-law on hartal day Saturday.

On that day, P Mohanan’s son Julius Nikthas(33) and wife Saniyo Manomi(25) were stopped in their car by RSS hartal supporters. The couple were allegedly dragged out of the car and beaten up. Saniyo was  kicked repeatedly on her chest, she claimed. Locals and party activists later took the couple to govt Taluk Hospital.

Then again, when Julius and Saniyo were being shifted to the Medical College, hartal protesters accosted them at Naduvannur and harassed the couple.

Based on their complaint a case was registered and Sudeesh, whose house was attacked today, was first to be arrested.